A review of rational critiques of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Report
A walk-through Robert Lyman’s “Magical Thinking” Report, explaining why NetZero2050 is not possible or desirable.

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Hosted by Michelle Stirling
Thursday July 29 – 7 PM MDT
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“Code Red” Climate Con and Magical Thinking on NetZero

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Join host Michelle Stirling for a live stream that will give an overview of rational, tempered reviews of the IPCC #ClimateReport. Contrary to the media headlines about UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres’ claim of a ‘code red for humanity’ – the IPCC report actually has lots of good news – and some key faults.

Michelle will review some insights from long-time climate policy analyst Roger Pielke, Jr., Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt, and the “Science, Climate, Energy” group out of Belgium, to name a few.

In the first part of the live stream, we will debunk the “Code Red” climate con; in the second part, we will look at “Magical Thinking on NetZero”, walking through Robert Lyman’s report that shows that NetZero is not possible….nor it is desirable!

Please join Michelle Stirling on Aug. 12, 2021, at 7pm MDT as she exposes the “Code Red” climate con in the headlines about the latest IPCC #ClimateReport, and the Magical Thinking on NetZero – offering you some down-to-earth, rational, food for thought on climate and energy issues.

Live chat will be open – of course we encourage open, civil debate.

Join Us for this Free LIVE online event!
Hosted by Michelle Stirling
Thursday August 12 – 7 PM MDT