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Friends of Science Society is fighting to bring common sense, reality and full cost benefit analysis back to public policy on energy and climate.

The harsh reality of the world these days needs to be addressed. We, at Friends of Science Society have been addressing the problems associated with “Climate Science” and the poorly thought-out policies generated by that questionable science for almost 20 years.

We have been blocked from most media in Canada, so our message is filtering out through social media and via our press release distributions that do get picked up in the USA. Due to that censorship in mainstream media, especially in Canada, sadly, our organization’s rationale for existence is still as valid as it was when the organization was set up to speak out against the Kyoto Accord’s simplistic, unscientific “science” and policy directives. That same simplistic, unscientific, unjustified focus on CO2 is what dominates the alarmist narrative today.

The alarmist “science” really has not changed over that time (they still ignore the sun, and they still have no empirical data to back up their narrative), but they have accelerated their policy attacks on society (with fertilizer reductions, threats of climate lockdown, NetZero plans, huge inflation generating financial outlays, etc.).

This is not the time to relax our efforts, which leads to the question below and some of the specific issues we have been addressing on your behalf. We are a non-profit organization, but we obviously need to raise funds to continue our badly needed work. That requires us to reach out to you, our members, our viewers on YouTube, our Social Media followers and friends. Your support has always been greatly appreciated and will be greatly appreciated in the future. We forecasted many of the #HeatOrEatPoverty consequences of carbon taxes and draconian climate and energy policies years ago.

Sadly, only now as people are suffering, they are waking up. Now they understand what we have been warning about for 2 decades. Now people are turning to us for information and insights. We ARE making a difference. More individuals and groups are speaking up. The silent majority is finding its voice. But we need your help more than ever.

So, why should you support Friends of Science?

  • When Greta declares there’s a climate emergency – we show you that hundreds of scientists say there is no climate emergency.
  • When climate activists roam schools and scare your children – we challenge them and provide you with light-hearted animated clips to calm your kids down and start a common-sense climate conversation with them.
  • When CBC tells you we can learn lessons on clean electricity from Hawaii – we show you that Hawaii is a tiny tropical island powered by petroleum. CBC is gaslighting you.
  • When the Royal Bank of Canada tells the world that Canada can decarbonize for ‘just’ $2 trillion’ – we do the hard math and general engineering analysis to show you they have wildly underestimated the costs and challenges.
  • When Ecojustice brings children’s cases to court, claiming wildfires and extreme weather events are evidence of climate change, we show you the facts, and we follow the money.
  • When the Canadian government tells you they can build an east west power grid by 2035 to be NetZero and fully decarbonized in Canada – we show you that this is magical and dangerous thinking – and that we might end up cold, broke and in the dark because of these dangerous dreams.
  • When the World Meteorological Organization’s Secretary General tells you that the ‘war in Ukraine may be a blessing, to speed up adoption of renewables’ – we show you that he’s flat out wrong. Wind and solar use wasteful amounts of fossil fuels for construction, and must be backed up 100% of the time, typically by natural gas.
  • And when the UN Sec-Gen Antonio Guterres tells you it’s ‘code red for humanity’ – we show you that he must not have read the IPCC report he’s referring to…because there’s nothing in the science report to indicate a climate crisis of any kind.
  • When you feel you have no voice and no means to make your objections to climate policies public – we issued open letters, press releases, reports and videos with rational arguments, facts and important insights that you can take to your policymakers.

In short, you should support Friends of Science Society as we fight to bring common sense, reality and full cost benefit analysis back to public policy on energy and climate.

Support Friends of Science Society – offering you twenty years of qualitative science presentations at our annual events, and twenty years of bi-weekly updates on climate politics and science from around the world.

Support open, civil debate and freedom of speech on scientific inquiry.

Please, support Friends of Science Society, today. Donate. Buy a membership. Give the gift of membership to family and friends.

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Ron Davison