Friends of Science Society has tried to obtain intervenor status at the Jenner Wind Farm hearings, the proponent of which is a subsidiary of Power Renewable Energy Corporation/Power Corporation.  As in the past, we have been denied standing.

This is a public document that can also be seen on the AUC’s website if you care to register and read other related documents.

Our letter:

AUC response to Osler on Standing Proc 22866 Nov 24 2017

It is interesting that the David Suzuki Foundation, which has been actively pushing for coal phase-out and replacement by wind and solar renewables in Canada has been funded by Power Corporation since 2007 (amount unstated), and this funding will be extended to 2020 as noted in their 2016 report to the CDP. Power_Corporation_CDP_2016

power corp funds suzuki foundation

David Suzuki Fund made a submission on wind power to the Alberta Climate Panel (Submission 398).

suzuki cover of alberta climate plan submission 389

According to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) the David Suzuki Foundation has $19 Million in Assets. suzuki assets

Source: Canada Revenue Agency – Charities

The David Suzuki Foundation reports that it receives some $650,000/yr in returns on its endowment fund.

david suzuki fund endowment 650K

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