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The Sun is the main driver of climate change. Not you. Not carbon dioxide.

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Geothermal Heat – Effects on Oceans and Arctic Sea Ice Variability

Contributed by Professor Wyss Yim DSc PhD DIC FGS

Geothermal heat: an episodic heat source in oceans

Plate climatology ( is a theory introduced in 2014 by James Kamis.
Unlike … Continue reading

Priorities for the Bush-Not Climate Jamborees or Carbon Farming

Contributed by Viv Forbes © 31st December 2018

Priorities for the Bush.
by Viv Forbes

The Saltbush Club today called on the Federal government to slash spending on the … Continue reading

The Humanicidal Temptation of Environmentalism

Originally published in French:

La tentation humanicide de l’écologisme

by Drieu Godefridi ©2018

(an English translation)

Fascinating fertility of the human spirit which, over the centuries, continues to generate theories … Continue reading

Priorities for the Bush

News from our friends “Down Under”

31 December 2018

Priorities for the Bush.

The enemies of the bush (resident in green-and-pleasant Brisbane) want to close the Queensland pastoral colleges in … Continue reading

Globe and Mail – Editorial or Climate Activism?

Op-ed contributed by Michelle Stirling © 2018.

Michelle Stirling is Communications Manager for Friends of Science Society.

Like many things in the world of climate change, conflicts of interest appear … Continue reading

Saltbush Solar Activity Watch Established

Saltbush Solar Activity Watch Established.
by Viv Forbes
©27 December 2018

To view this whole article in your browser click:

The Saltbush Club today announced the formation of the … Continue reading

The Inner Sanctums of Climate Change Propaganda

Contributed by William Walter Kay BA LL B © 2018

See more of William Kay’s work at:

The Inner Sanctums of Climate Change Propaganda

William Walter Kay BA LL Continue reading

Goodbye ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming’? IPCC Fatal Error?

Contributed by consulting geologist Dr Roger Higgs, Geoclastica Ltd Technical Note 2018-6 (one slide only), updated © 25th December 2018

PDF of slide also posted here: 

IPCC’s 2013 report Continue reading

$500M Climate Carnival Concludes

Contributed by Viv Forbes©2018 of The Saltbush Club

23 December 2018

COP 24 just concluded in Poland. Nearly 23,000 climate saviours attended this 24th annual climate carnival.

Every year, … Continue reading

Flying – To Stop Climate Change. A Memo on Travel Plans

Date:   December 20, 2018


From: John Greenwold, Director, Climate Change Policy Division


To: Administrative Services Division, Environment and Climate Change Canada


Subject: Travel Requirements for the Coming Continue reading

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