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Climate Change.

It’s daunting, confusing, and worst of all…it’s political.

In our polarized society it’s hard to separate fact from fiction, especially when the consequences concerning our planet can seem so dire.

In the face of this confusion, Kim Monson, host of The Kim Monson Show, will lead you on a brief but extensive overview on the various climate challenges and topics that adorn the headlines the world over.


A Climate Conversation cuts through the rhetoric and propaganda to ask the simple questions that many times go unanswered.   From melting glaciers to natural disasters this documentary seeks to uncover the truth concerning our changing planet.

Grounded in science and free of political cheap-shots, A Climate Conversation seeks to remove the shroud of mystery and misdirection from one of the most important topics facing our civilization.© 2023 Proxy Films LLC

To watch free of charge, go to https://www.aclimateconversation.com/ and enter your email, or order DVD copies from the same site.

Read what author Brad Beck had to say about the show in this review posted on The Kim Monson Show blog.


  1. Fran Manns

    What’s so hard iss overcoming the human tendency to save face when you have taken a ridiculous public statement.

  2. Patt

    I liked this documentary, but it does skip over a very pertinent contributor to our changing climate and melting ice: geoengineering. No one wants to touch this one, but it plays a role – a very big role. It weakens vegetation and trees, making them less resilient to fires. It causes all the weather ‘demons’ like drought, atmospheric rivers, weird weather events, excessively powerful storms, and melting ice caps that has been a targeted goal of geoengineering for decades now. How easy it is to blame CO2 for all these things.

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