Get on the Goodside – NOT!

RBC Ventures has an app called “Goodside” which is supposed to be a personal carbon footprint tracker for your phone, meant to help you reduce your carbon footprint, and offering you the chance to engage in buying carbon offsets, to assuage your guilt!  After all, “we can’t all be Greta.”  Not everyone is associated with global carbon Kings!

As part of their website, they offer a free ebook called “The Good Guide to Getting Educated about Climate Change.

We asked our president, Ron Davison, P. Eng., to review Goodside’s climate ‘education’ ebook and he found that “The authors’ technical grasp of climate change science is very disappointing at best.” So we asked him to elaborate and his 30 page pdf is posted below the “Foreward” to his document.

It should be noted that nothing Canadians do about climate change will have any effect on the global climate because China emits in one month, what Canada emits in a year and a half.

This view is shared by the Parliamentary Budget Officer’s report on “Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Canadian GDP,” of Nov. 8, 2022

“While the impact on Canadian GDP is from global GHG emissions, Canada’s own emissions are not large enough to materially impact climate change.”

PBO Nov. 8, 2022

Read on and see where RBC Ventures “Goodside” authors went wrong.

Goodside – Learning About Climate Change – Review

by Ron Davison, P. Eng., President, Friends of Science Society ©2023


The Royal Bank of Canada should immediately pull their support for the Goodside document. The authors’ technical grasp of climate change science is very disappointing at best. My original plan was to go through the document systematically and comment on the science that the authors’ have presented. Sadly, there is very little science in the document since science requires empirical data. The authors’ empirical data, one graph that shows the over-homogenized (i.e.: over manipulated) NASA-GISS surface data Modern Temperature Record (MTR, 1850 to the Present) temperature estimates and one graph that shows the atmospheric CO2 concentration estimates extracted from the Antarctic Ice Cores with the modern-day measurements superimposed on the end. That data is fine, but as you will see, it is not a representative cross-section of the available data. CO2 concentration and temperature also needs to be presented on consistent time scales or the presentation becomes totally meaningless and devoid of any context.

The climate system is extremely complex and is subject to a lot more than just the simplistic, unscientific Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW) alarmist CO2 Narrative. Natural forcings (primarily solar and solar related forcings (ocean cycles, cosmic ray flux, etc., etc.)) have driven the climate for hundreds of millions/billions of years, played major roles throughout the MTR and will continue to dominate the climate in the future despite the IPCC’s declaration that the natural forcings are virtually zero. The natural forcings are visible throughout the historical data (on many different time scales). What you do not see is evidence of CO2 driving the climate. Very simply, there is no empirical CO2/Temperature dataset (a basic scientific requirement) that shows CO2 driving the climate on any statistically significant horizontal time scale.

The whole CAGW alarmist Narrative was highly dependent (almost exclusively) on their computer models since they do not possess the requisite empirical data. Their models, self admittedly, run too hot, the “dangerous” CO2 emissions scenarios (like RCP8.5) have been, self admittedly, declared implausible and the economic consequences (supply disruptions, accelerating inflation, soaring energy prices, dangerous energy shortages, etc.) of switching from reliable, cheap energy sources to unreliable, expensive renewable alternatives are playing out already in Europe, China, North America, etc. As we move further into the Northern Hemisphere winter, those issues will just compound upon themselves and become deadly. Throwing trillions of dollars at an ideological problem (with no scientific (i.e.: empirical) proof) when we are struggling through one of the worst financial disasters in mankind’s history is just stupid. There are many real problems being ignored that need to be addressed.

My general approach has always been focussed on obtaining the original data, presenting that data and then offering my analysis/opinions. Ultimately, the reader needs to focus on the data and come to their own conclusions. That would include the Royal Bank of Canada. Please read the review with a critical, but open mind. These unnecessary, ideological green initiatives are pushing Western Civilization towards economic suicide and much lower standards of living. If the Royal Bank of Canada truly believes in the future of Canada, now is the time to step up, speak out and defend this once great country. Conversely, your silence will speak volumes. Review the data, think for yourself and do what is right.

Note. Ron Davison mentions CLINTEL toward the end of his document. CLINTEL has grown since the document was first written and now has more than 1500 signatory scientists and scholars who state there is no climate emergency.

Few people realize that the plan many climate organizations and government bodies have in mind for you is to have a personal carbon RATION on your Digital ID or Vaxport, using Central Bank Digital Currencies to command and control the things you do with your ‘freedoms’ and money. Our Communications Manager, Michelle Stirling, summarizes how things like the “Goodside” app will lead to this rather bad side for human rights and freedoms, potential leading to a climate tyranny.

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  1. Donald Little

    Visa and Mastercard wanted to track our ammunition and firearms purchases./ VERY BAD IDEA > Now it seems RBC is on the L:iberal bandwagon. THAT IS A POOR IDEA AS WELL. I have done my business with the Royal Bank for 63 years and this kind of manipulation doesn’t make me encouraged. Very Sad indeed.

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