Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change (IPCC) next report (AR6, due 2022) − Again No Geologists!

Contributed by Dr Roger Higgs, Geoclastica Ltd
Technical Note 2019-10
24th March 2019  © 2019

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My Technical Note 2018-2 exposed the astonishing lack of geologists, the very scientists most qualified to speak on climate
change, among the 838 (sic) authors of the Fifth Assessment Report (AR5, 2013-14) of the United Nations’ IPCC.

IPCC’s next report, AR6, supposedly “will update our knowledge on climate change, its impacts and risks, and possible
response options, and play an important role in implementing the Paris Agreement” said IPCC Chair Hoesung Lee. The
selected “author teams, drawn from the hundreds of excellent nominations the IPCC was fortunate to receive, provide us with
the necessary expertise across a range of disciplines to conduct the assessment” … but in truth …
… the author statistics (below) show that the “necessary expertise” is lacking, as geologists are again excluded, rendering the
collective authorship incompetent for their stated mission of reviewing the literature to assess climate change. By this
omission, IPCC ignores Earth’s history and the copious geological evidence, latterly backed by archaeology, that sea level
(barometer of global temperature, via ocean-water expansion & polar ice melt) undergoes a rapid (100-500 year) & large (1-3
metres) oscillation every 500-2000 years, caused by volcanism and solar fluctuations, certainly not by industrial CO2.

AR6 author statistics:

Working Group I (WGI), ‘The Physical Science Basis’, 232 authors, including meteorologists,
oceanographers, climate scientists, glaciologists, physicists, geographers and computer modellers, but no geologists.

WGII, ‘Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability’, 323 authors, no geologists.

WGIII, Mitigation of Climate Change, 229 authors, no geologists. Grand total 784 authors, no geologists.

Exemplifying IPCC’s chronic lack of impartiality (see my Technical Note 2018-2), one WGI author’s new (2018) book,
Sunburnt Country’, aims to convince the public that man is making Australia hotter; another’s frequent mainstream-media
articles likewise aim to scare people into accepting that manmade warming is fact, not mere belief, and he criticizes Trump.

IPCC’s Lee again, in true UN egalitarian style: “Of the selected experts, 44% come from developing countries and countries
with economies in transition, 53% are new to the IPCC process and 33% are women.” How lovely: no geologists, but at least
we have politically correct quotas of women, third worlders and youngsters! Worse: the 53% “new” people are doubtless
nearly all younger than 50, i.e. indoctrinated through school and university with the ‘CO2 = pollutant’ fallacy.

Be appalled that this biased, underskilled, political organization, having judged the imperceptible & geologically
trivial 1°C of warming since 1900 (not a provably unprecedented rate) to be manmade, despite copious evidence of
CO2’s innocence (Technical Note 2019-11), has unleashed multi-trillion-dollar expenditure, relentlessly raising your
family’s taxes and energy bills, and destined to cripple the global economy and downgrade human living standards.

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  1. Dr Francis Manns

    I’m deeply honoured to not be chosen.

  2. Raymond Mongeau

    Please see “ My memoir partially on climate change. Yes by a geologist with over 50 years of geological experiences

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