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ALBERTA WIDE RALLY: Stand up for Democracy in Alberta. Nov. 5th. High Noon.

Friends of Science Society is reposting the press release of today of the Alberta Wide Rally to facilitate wider distribution.  This release contributed by the organizers.  See original document here. november-2-3-press-release

Most rallies are slated for high noon on Saturday Nov. 5, 2016.

Calgary, AB – We are pleased to say that after consultation with Parliamentary Counsel of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta and the office of MLA Derek Fildebrandt regarding the form of the Alberta Wide Rally’s petition, we are ready to move forward. We will be urging the Government of Alberta to hold a Province wide plebiscite on the question of whether the people of Alberta support the “Climate Leadership Implementation Act”. We are asking for your signature on this petition to support the interests of all Alberta residents.

It is an honor and privilege to announce the following speakers at our rallies across Alberta:

Edmonton: Brian Jean, MLA, Wildrose Leader; Kerry Diotte MP Conservative; Jeff Sharp, Lead Organizer for Edmonton Rally, Oil Sands Worker; Tracy Leite, Master of Ceremonies, Small Business Owner; Tom Lynburge, Technical Support; Emily Noklebly, Singing the Canadian National Anthem.

Edmonton Rally starts at Noon at the Legislative Building

Calgary: Prasad Panda, MLA Calgary-Foothills, Wildrose; Dwayne Croteau, Master of Ceremonies, Organizing Member for Calgary Rally; Michelle Stirling, Manager, Friends of Science Society; Ken Gregory; Friends of Science and Author of “Alberta’s Climate Plan: A Plan With No Benefit”, Orion Fike, OPHOP (Oil People Helping Oil People). Trevor Marr and Mariily Gou will speak for the oil industry.

Calgary Rally starts at noon at the McDougal Center

Brooks: Martin Shields, MP Bow River, Conservative; Derek Fildebrandt, MLA Strathmore-Brooks; Barry Morishita, Mayor of Brooks; Todd Beasley, Managing Director for the Alberta Wide Rally Movement, Master of Ceremonies will be giving a presentation on Carbon Capture and Enhanced Oil recovery technology and its significance to the people of Alberta.

Brooks Rally starts at noon at the Heritage Inn

Airdrie: Angela Pitt, MLA Airdrie, Wildrose, Shadow Minister of Human Services; Leela Sharon Aheer, MLA Chestermere, Wildrose, Shadow Energy Minister; Dr. Jay Harper, Professional Geologist; Mrs. June Rivers, Educator.

Airdrie Rally will start at noon and will be held next to the co-op car wash

Grand Prairie: Todd Loewen, MLA Grand Prairie-Smoky, Deputy Chair of the Standing Committee on Resource Stewardship; Bernard The Roughneck; Dylan Thompson, Libertarian Party; James R. Flack, Master of Ceremonies, Organizing Member for Grand Prairie Rally; Stephanie Zee Fehler, Mother of Eight who Home Schools; Karen Peters, Small Business Owner.

Grand Prairies starts at noon and wil be held at Jubilee Park

Lethbridge: Grant Hunter, MLA Cardston-Taber-Warner, Wildrose; Ron Davison P.Eng; Dale Snow, 3rd Generation Agricultural Prodcuer, Dale Schaupmeyer, Agricultural Specialist; Rachel Harder MP Conservative – tentative

Lethbridge Rally starts at noon and will be held at Galt Gardens

Hanna: Chris Warwick, Mayor of Hanna; Mr. Mark Fecho, Master of Ceremonies, Radio Host; George Clark; Randy Pompetti.

Hanna Rally starts at noon and will held at the Round Up Center

Ft McMurray: Susan Plamondon, Master of Ceremonies, Organizing Member for Fort McMurray; Various Speakers TBA.

Ft McMurray rally starts at noon and will be held at the Franklin Avenue Provincial Building

Camrose: Tina Fox Alberta Wide Rally Founder will MC with  Wes Taylor, MLA Battleriver-Wainright; Tammy Woods; Jody Carty, Singing the Canadian National Anthem.

Camrose Rally starts at noon and will be held at ICON ( old house of thunderY

Drayton Valley: Speakers TBA

Drayton Valley rally starts at noon and will be held at  5702-50th Ave A st      ( beside Kal tire)

Red Deer: Speakers TBA

Red Deer Rally starts at 11.00 at City Hall

Medicine Hat ; Speakers TBA.

Medicine Hat Rally starts at noon at the TEE PEE visitors center

Come on out to a rally near you, and sign our petition to have Alberta’s voice heard. Donations of non-perishable food items will gratefully be accepted at various rallies in support of local food banks. Calgary will also be accepting donations for the Fourth Annual Veteran’s Food Drive. We look forward to seeing you there.

We will have another Press Release Friday Nov 4th detailing how residents of Alberta can visit our webpage to register for and download individual petion pages.

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  1. Mike

    I cannot make the rally due to my sons birthday party.

    However, if I could suggest a few items for discussion or consideration:
    If I apply for a major project, or apply to borrow a lot of money for a project, I need to prove my case to the government, including professional plans, sign-off by professionals, etc. before I get their approval. I also need to provide this to my investors, who will review these plans with their own professionals.
    The Government should have to prove coal phase out and carbon tax to those paying for it – Taxpayers.

    APEGA should be Required by the government to sign off on the feasibility of their plans. Independent financial experts should sign off on the economics of their plans. Prove the concepts behind your plans. If they are the right plans, prove they work. Andrew Leach is not an expert in every aspect of these plans!

    The AB government should be taking across the board pay cuts like many tax payers are experiencing. In industry and businesses right now, the LUCKY ones are getting a pay cut and reduction of benefits, the unlucky ones are losing their jobs. Time to lead by example, Ms. Notley et al.

  2. Lynn Johanson

    How can we get the petition out to more people. Calgary rally was poorly attended. We need more publicity and a way to get the petition more widely distributed!!!

    • climatewise101

      We are just helping promote the events – please contact the rally people. The Calgary rally got some >800 signatures on the petition, which is pretty good for a sunny, Saturday afternoon, maybe one of the last nice days of fall (and fresh show in the mountains was calling those skiers!).

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