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The Sun is the main driver of climate change. Not you. Not carbon dioxide.

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Letter to a Friend of Science

Contributed by Philip Mulholland © 2020

I believe that Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) due to the radiative greenhouse gas/CO2 forcing theory is a hoax, but where should I start my … Continue reading

Comparative Planetology: Establishing the Role of Meteorology in the Science of Climate

Phillip Mulholland and Stephen Wilde have developed an iterative mathematical climate model of the atmosphere of Titan.

“Titan, the giant moon of the planet Saturn, is recognized to have meteorological … Continue reading

When Climate Prophecy Fails: The Coming Confrontation with Reality

Contributed by Robert Lyman 2020. Lyman’s bio can be read here.

There are four ways in which actual global trends are diverging more and more from the predictions upon which … Continue reading


Google translate version of same in French from Belgotopia

Climate tourism – fly more. Buy offsets!

After its cancellation in Chile following … Continue reading

Canadians Bamboozled by ‘Meaningless’ Climate Models

Sept. 19, 2019

Canadians Bamboozled by ‘Meaningless’ Climate Models

(CALGARY) Blacklock’s Reporter tweeted a report on Sept. 16, 2019 that Environment Canada ‘omits 100 years of records and uses simulated, … Continue reading

Cavemen, Climate, and Computers

© Christopher Essex.  Republished with permission of Christopher Essex.


  1. Of Cavemen and Differential Equations


A debate takes place between a mysterious time traveler and a paleolithic shaman before … Continue reading

The Recent McKitrick/Christy Paper in Plain English

Contributed by Robert Lyman © 2018

Robert Lyman is an Ottawa energy policy consultant who was a public servant for 27 years; a diplomat for 10 years prior to that.Continue reading

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