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The Sun is the main driver of climate change. Not you. Not carbon dioxide.

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to our loyal 50,000+ visitors

We are truly living through an unprecedented, interesting time period. Never in the history of mankind have so many nations purposely been … Continue reading

Facebook: Act Thoughtfully to Maintain Freedom of Speech and the Integrity of Scientific Inquiry

July 10, 2020

To: Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Facebook Oversight Board
Cc: Mark Zuckerberg, Afia Asantewaa Asare-Kyei, Evelyn Aswad, Endy Bayuni, Catalina Botero-Marino, Katherine Chen, Nighat Dad, Jamal Greene, Pamela Karlan, Tawakkol … Continue reading

A Rebuttal of “The Short List” by Michael Barnard

Contributed by Kent Zehr © 2020.


A friend sent me the article “The Short List” by writer Michael Barnard. I read the article, and as I am … Continue reading

Litigating Climate Change in Canada – Evidence over Ideology

Contributed by Robert Lyman ©  2020. Lyman’s bio can be read  here.

Executive Summary

Some prominent law firms in Canada have recently published papers analysing what many see as an … Continue reading

Open Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau Exposing the Flaws and Lack of Due Diligence in “Springing Canada Forward – Climate-Literate Stimulus” by 50 Sustainability Scholars

July 06, 2020

Open Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau Exposing the Flaws and Lack of Due Diligence in “Springing Canada Forward – Climate-Literate Stimulus” by 50 Sustainability Scholars

Continue reading

Climate of Fear – Conversations that Matter with Stuart McNish

Veteran journalist Stuart McNish interviews Michelle Stirling, Communications Manager for Friends of Science Society.

Stuart McNish – Bio

For more than 25 years Stu has been involved in video journalism … Continue reading

A Short History of Greenhouse Emission Reduction Targets

Contributed by Robert Lyman  ©  2020. Lyman’s bio can be read  here.


The Trudeau government has announced that it is committed to attaining a “net zero” greenhouse emissions (GHG) … Continue reading

No, Elizabeth May – Canada Cannot Go 100% Renewable by 2030. Here’s why.

Elizabeth May sent out an email to her supporters and Green Party members on June, 17, 2020, claiming that “Canada can have 100% of our electricity from renewable sources by Continue reading

Climate Sensitivity by Energy Balance with Urban and Natural Warming

Contributed By Ken Gregory, P.Eng. 2020-06-14

The sensitivity of the Earth’s climate to increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases (GHG) is the most important parameter in climate science. Climatologists Nicholas Lewis … Continue reading

Le Québec “Vert et Propre” n’atteindra pas ses Cibles Climatiques

Les Contradictions de la Politique Climatique du Québec


17 juin 2020

(Calgary, Alberta) En dépit de vastes réserves d’énergie hydraulique et d’un très bon système de Métro, la … Continue reading

Greta Thunberg kräver att lyssna på vetenskapen. Det är en bra idé om vi verkligen gör det utan förutfattade meningar.

Contributed by Evert Andersson © 2020


Vi lider båda av Greta Thunberg-effekten. Hon besökte Kanada och gjorde sitt bästa för att påverka valet på ett olagligt sätt. Hennes Continue reading

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