Climate for Kids!

People often email us asking for age-suitable resources for talking with kids about climate change. So many children and young people feel fearful. Here’s a list of some resources that you might enjoy.

Ian Plimer Series: (he also has excellent books for adults!)

1.      The Little Green Book – For Ankle Biters

2.      The Little Green Book for Teens

3.      The Little Green Book For Twenties & Wrinklies

Climate at a Glance – For Teachers and Students:


Purchase – Climate at a Glance

Also, the CO2 Coalition’s CO2 Learning Center has a set of THREE amazing (and fun!) science education books for children!

There are also the Friends of Science Society #KidFriendly #ClimateTales.

Most of our kid friendly videos are posted here: (please note, in the Hedgehog Family video, the scream might be scary for very young kids – you can see a ‘milder’ version at the end of this video – start the video at 5:51 the foregoing section in the video explains to parents what schools are doing to kids)

In the blog post below, we have links to our videos (again, if the kids are quite young or sensitive, use the hedgehog family version linked above).

We also have a #KidFriendly Panda Family

One of our videos has been made into an ebook. 

And since everyone loves Polar Bears – have fun with our #KidFriendly #ClimateTale “Polar Bears Speak Out on Climate Change”

From our colleagues overseas, there is a Netherlands site for Kids – where you can use an auto-translate to English, if Dutch is not your language.


  1. Graydon

    Psalm 118:8 it is better to trust in God than to trust in mankind. Send your children to church and warn them not to trust the news, politicians and compromised scientists.

    • Nicole

      Couldn’t agree more Graydon. Thank you for your guiding post.

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