Break Free From Media Climate Advocacy – An Alberta Prosperity Project Webinar

Friends of Science Society is an independent apolitical group of scientists, Professional Engineers, Professional Geoscientists, earth, atmospheric and solar scientists and business people who challenge climate dogma on scientific and economic terms.

We are very grateful to Alberta Prosperity Project for hosting this webinar with Michelle Stirling, Communications Manager for Friends of Science Society. Michelle’s presentation reveals that mainstream media are fully captured by the climate catastrophe narrative – to the detriment of society overall. We felt this presentation deserved wider coverage and we thank Alberta Prosperity Project for their permission to post the video and related power point.

Alberta Prosperity Webinar: Media Manipulation And The Information War

There are things that you can do – all is not lost.

Friends of Science Society is an independent organization; we do not represent any industry or political party or point of view. We advocate for open, civil debate on climate and related energy issues – and full cost-benefit analysis, prior to efforts to implement any plans like NetZero.

You can Break Free from Climate Tyranny!

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  1. Jeff May

    Keep up the good work!

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