Cuban Diet and Gasthma Debunked…by Science

Over the past few months, numerous stories have been paraded around in the media about the catastrophic health impacts of using a natural gas stove.

Hilarious images circulated on Twitter.

Fortunately, SCIENCE has come to the rescue.

Warren Kindzierski, Stan Young and John Dunn published a study in May looking at junk science behind the push to ban gas stoves:

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Seems it’s all just a move to make sure you have the same personal #carbon RATION as an impoverished Cuban. And in between, they’ll sell you an induction stove – something that seems to not be a big seller, so maybe this is just a fancy demarketing campaign?

Those climate activists love the fact that the world is at war, because for them, human lives and misery are simply a stepping stone to “Climate Change and Rationing” which they think is ‘fair’ for all.

Funny how “Deadline 2020” was written in 2016, advocating for a 2.9 tCO2e carbon footprint for everyone. Then what happened in 2020?

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