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Friends of Science Society held its Annual General Meeting on November 9, 2022, at 7:00PM (MST). The meeting was held in person at the Whitehorn Community Center in Calgary, Alberta, and live streamed for members to view in accordance with our bylaws and the notice sent out prior to the AGM.

Here is a breakdown of funding and memberships as presented.

Friends of Science Society is deeply concerned about the global energy crisis and the impacts on ordinary citizens. Heat-or-eat poverty is now widespread in the developed economies. This is the direct result of ‘green’ climate policies and lack of due diligence or full cost-benefit analysis. Europe is facing de-industrialization and massive heat-or-eat poverty and blackouts, not just for this year, but for years ahead as well. Of course, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has exacerbated Europe’s energy crisis, but this is an amplifier, not the first effect.

This year, Friends of Science Society’s 19th Annual Climate Science Event featured Australians Prof. Ian Plimer and popular blogger/science writer Joanne Nova. Prof. Plimer’s book “Green Murder” is proving all too accurate. Joanne Nova’s review of the impact of renewables on the power grid in terms of reliability and cost is playing out across Europe, with deadly results.

Drieu Godefridi, Belgian philosopher, author and jurist writes: “According to a survey published last week by the British magazine The Economist, the heating and electricity restrictions that Europeans must and will have to inflict on themselves this winter will cause the death of 80,000 to 185,000 people.”

For our AGM, Michelle Stirling, our Communications Manager, offered a short video overview of some of our activities in the past year.


Here is the “Climate of Collapse” power point used in the video if you’d like to review it in detail. There are links to the various reports mentioned.

We compiled a ‘Big Book of Blog Posts’ as we have done in previous years to be a handy reference guide, as well as showing members and supporters the scope of material we cover. It features the headline and a snippet of each post of the past year in sequence. There are clickable links to “Continue reading” under each title and summary. If you have opened the pdf of the “Big Book of Blog Posts” while you are online, just click on ‘continue reading’ under any post, to take you to the document.

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Friends of Science Society stands for open, civil debate on climate and energy policies and full cost benefit analysis of proposed climate plans before implementation.

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