Volcanic Eruptions, a Driver of Natural Climate Variability – ignored by IPCC – Professor Wyss Yim

See the slide deck:


  1. Fran Manns

    I could not agree more. The climate returned to nearly modern temperatures by 1860-70s after the Little Ice Age but was then cooled by a rage of major eruptions including Krakatoa. It has slowly regressed to the mean of +15 C calculated by Arrhenius (1906). Models assume CO2 but the assumption is wrong.


  2. Gabriel Cisneros

    The sensitivity of ENSO to underwater eruptions has to be taken into account when it is clear that its variability is not completely predictable. Some years are more El Niño, some El Niños are more extreme. Some phases are La Niña for an extended period like this year and the last two. The precipitation vs dry spell effects are massive. I remember one El Niño year in Peru when the sea was 3C warmer than normal and nearly all of the bridges had been knocked down from flooding. Farmers will grow rice during these times when normally the coastline is a desert.

  3. Wyss W Yim

    Thanks, Gabriel, for your comments.
    Every ENSO event is different, and submarine volcanic eruptions are an underestimated cause. They are a part of our dynamic Earth.

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