July 20, 2022

To the CEOs of AIG, Apollo, Ark, Ascot Group, Beazley, Berkshire Hathaway, Brit, Canopius, CNA Hardy, Energy Insurance Limited, Hiscox, Inigo, Liberty Mutual, Lloyd’s of London, Markel, MS Amlin, Navigators, Newline Group, Sirius, Starr, Stewart Specialty Risk Underwriting, and W.R. Berkley:

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We understand that you have been sent a letter by a group of some 70 environmental/climate activists, on or about July 14, 2022, claiming that if you insure Trans Mountain Pipeline it would cause a climate catastrophe. This is nonsense.

This is incorrect as are their other hyperbolic claims. Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion was thoroughly reviewed by Canada’s globally respected National Energy Board.

The definitive answer to this nonsense purveyed by the enviro/climate activists that are petitioning you is the National Energy Board’s 2016 Decision and Order approving the Trans Mountain Expansion Project, which one can find here:

https://docs2.cer-rec.gc.ca/ll-eng/llisapi.dll/fetch/2000/90464/90552/548311/956726/2392873/2969696/2969867/A77045-1_NEB_-ReportTrans_Mountain_Expansion_Project– _OH-001-2014.pdf?nodeid=2969681&vernum=-2

That Decision and Order addressed all of the public interest considerations related to the project in depth and was based on years of analysis and public hearings. The ENGOs have spent the last six years pretending that the Decision does not exist or was improperly made.

Claims that the oil sands oil is ‘dirty’ are nothing more than ‘dirty lies.’

You may not be aware that there has been a foreign-funded Green Trade War against Canada. conducted by these and many other groups, known as the “Tar Sands Campaign”, that has been going on for at least the past 25 years. The groups have spawned national and international spin-off actors to continue their street theatre denial of the NEB review and approval of Trans Mountain Expansion. The project will twin and existing pipeline for most of the route, a pipeline that has operated since the 1950s with no major incidents, and one which will provide consumers of the Pacific region with fuel supply and petroleum products to help reduce consumer costs and increase energy security for both Canada and the USA. There will also be product for export, which will somewhat alleviate the global energy crisis.

The recent Alberta Inquiry, also known as the Allan Inquiry (after Commissioner J. Stevens Allan, a highly qualified forensic accountant), found that billions of foreign funds have flowed to various Tar Sands Campaign groups in Canada, some of which then distributed funds to smaller groups in a manner that is difficult to trace, therefore the inquiry confined itself to what it could forensically trace.

Robert Lyman, a former federal public servant in Canada for 27 years, former diplomat for 10 years, who worked on related greenhouse gas emissions issues for much of his career has offered some summaries of the Allan Inquiry reports.

The Allan Inquiry engaged Deloitte to do a forensic trace of the ‘money trail’. Some highlights of Robert’s summary show the financial scope of this attack on Canada’s economy and the world’s supply of crucially required energy.
• The names of the 31 largest ENGOs ranked by revenues were mostly redacted from the Deloitte Report for unexplained reasons. Over the period under review, those 31 ENGOs accumulated over $2.5 billion in assets, received $897.5 million in foreign funding and received $2.1 billion in government funding.
• Environmental Law Organizations, as a separate group, accumulated almost $11 million in assets, had foreign funding of $21.5 billion and received $7.8 million in government funding.
• The Inquiry’s findings were in fact significant. The adversaries of oil sands development, and the financial and insurance companies that backed them, claim to have brought about more than 1,000 divestments representing $8 trillion. There is no question that this inflicted enormous harm on the Alberta and broader Canadian economies.

Deloitte and Commissioner Allan asserted that the funding to these groups was much greater than what they reported, but due to the parameters of the inquiry (which was focussed specifically on activities within Alberta against the energy sector), and the time and money factors, the two reports, one by Commissioner Allan and one by Deloitte, confined themselves to what could be clearly identified.

For years, many independent researchers like Vivian Krause had presented their findings related to the Tar Sands Campaign foreign funding (Ms. Krause relying on evidence from IRS filings), but such claims had typically been dismissed as a ‘conspiracy theory’. The Allan Inquiry was intended to discover the evidence or absence of a Tar Sands Campaign in a methodical, forensically identified manner.

As you may be aware, the world is now facing an energy crisis, in part because these foreign-funded Tar Sands Campaign groups have been successful in blocking pipelines in Canada. In 2014, Canada had avoided the contrived EU “Fuel Quality Directive” which threatened to label Canadian oil sands oil as ‘dirty’ while giving similar oil from Venezuela a pass, and Canada announced the intention to build pipelines across Canada. Within a couple of years, all these projects had been blocked by the foreign-funded Tar Sands Campaign groups and their allies. They are not shy about their ‘successes’ and have made many public statements ‘owning’ their attacks on industry.

Due to the present energy crisis, there will be a global food shortage, resulting in famine in many countries that are highly reliant on wheat imports. Some of these wheat shipments are blocked by the Ukraine-Russia conflict, but the skyrocketing price of fertilizer, which is produced from natural gas, and the cost of fuel, which is necessary for farm equipment for planting and harvesting, and which is necessary for large scale food processing, means that all these food production activities have been cut back or the factories shut down.

There is also substantive evidence that Russia has been funding environmentalist/climate activist groups. Indeed, Russia has never bought into the West’s obsession with climate change as evidenced in this PowerPoint of 2004 by A. Illarionov, then Adviser to the President of Russia. Consequently, if you comply with the demands of these groups, you may very well be ‘helping the enemy.’

As Robert Lyman has pointed out in the report “When Giants Arise” , the emerging nations are unconcerned about climate change and their demand for oil, gas and coal products is skyrocketing, while enviro/climate activists gut the economies and destabilize the energy security of Western nations.


This means, the groups that wrote you, that are clamouring to prevent you from insuring Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion, which would help alleviate the global energy crisis and would support energy security in Canada and the USA, are essentially asking you to add to the genocidal forces of famine that the energy crisis is imposing upon the whole world. This further imperils North America when there is market potential for a further outbreak of armed hostilities, whether that be on the European continent, in the Asian corridor, or any other opportunistic conflict/attack at a time when the West is distracted with events in Europe.

You can see that the claims these groups make about reaching Net Zero or meeting Paris targets are simply fatuous by examining the 20 year long full-scale lab experiment of Europe’s efforts to ‘decarbonize’. It is a huge failure. The grand and tragic irony is that Germany, once held up as the model of the future, is now on its knees, crippled by the energy crisis to the point that major industries like BASF may have to close their massive Ludwigschafen chemical complex. In fact, thanks to climate activists preventing Germany from developing energy independence with nuclear, coal or a mix of foreign natural gas supply, Germany and the EU are now financing the energy war against itself and the war against Ukraine.


Thus, if you comply with the demands of the enviro/climate groups petitioning you, you will be adding to the misery of famine, death, and chaos, especially in developing nations, you will be adding to the cost of living and you will be further destabilizing the energy security of North America and possibly the world.

If anything, you should call for a police investigation into the constant harassment of these groups against your industry.

In a prior report entitled “Unfriend ENGOs – Befriend Facts” we have addressed this matter.

The alleged ‘climate emergency’ is over. The claim of a climate emergency stemmed from the misuse of a scenario known as “RCP 8.5” which is deemed to be implausible, and which was never meant for policymaking purposes, only for research purposes. Roger Pielke, Jr., and colleague Justin Ritchie explain where science went wrong with the misuse of RCP 8.5 in this peer-reviewed paper.

Even Mark Carney’s famous speech to Lloyd’s of London of Sept 2015, the “Tragedy of the Horizon” was wrong – both on the data and the analysis.

The alleged climate emergency is over. We DO have time. You must not bow down to these foreign-funded activists who are misleading the public, distorting markets, and endangering society.

Feel free to ask any questions.


Ron Davison, P. Eng.
Friends of Science Society

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