Climate Change and European Cultural Imperialism

Contributed by William Walter Kay BA JD © 2022

A 1970s Franco-German initiative aimed at righting energy trade imbalances morphed over the next decade into a global oil-and-coal phaseout campaign falsely advertised as an effort to protect Earth’s atmosphere from carbon dioxide overload. Seeking to level the playing field between their resource-poor homelands and the Anglosphere’s fossil fuel superpowers, the Paris-Berlin Axis uses “Climate Change” to domestically impose, and globally export, renewable energy and electro-mobility. Success hinges upon capturing the Anglosphere’s cultural assets. This report profiles eight enterprises comprising the vanguard of European attempts to control Anglo-American culture; namely:

  1. Bertelsmann
  2. Holtzbrinck
  3. Deutsche Welle
  4. Agence France Presse
  5. Vivendi
  6. Publicis
  7. Elsevier
  8. Spotify

(“Anglosphere,” “Anglo-America” and “English-speaking world” refer to: USA, UK, Canada and Australia.)


  1. Duane Pendergast

    Thanks William, for your research and thoughts on the gradual conversion of climate science to climate superstition.

  2. William Kay

    You beat me to the punch Duane. I was just about to send you a note telling you about this posting. The “conversion” thing is critical. It takes one line of reasoning to establish CAGW as erroneous, and another line of reasoning to explain how such nonsense gets converted in established science. As we both know, most people are closed to the very concept that the “authorities” could be wrong.

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