Since 2002, Friends of Science Society has provided insights on climate science and related energy policies for you, the public, and policymakers.

As we begin our 20th year of operation, we’re asking for your help to celebrate this year and scale up our reach. We want to raise $200,000 by the end of June, and we think we can do it if our social media followers just contribute $20, $200, $2,000, or even $20,000. Combined, we have close to 100,000 followers on our various platforms. A small donation from many of you would make this goal possible.

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Help save the world from climate hysteria and poor uncosted climate policies and ‘green’ economic madness. You can help restore rational debate by supporting us, so that our children won’t fear the future and our elders won’t suffer crushing heat-or-eat poverty.

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Friends of Science Society is a non-profit society which has been funded by our member/subscribers to date. Now we are asking you, who enjoy our videos, reports, blog posts, Tweets, and Facebook posts to help us reach our goal of $200,000 by June 30th.

(Note: We have never monetized our YouTube channel as we produce our material with no commercial objective.)

Our founders chose our name in tribute to the Scientific Method based on thorough analysis of evidence. We’ve spent 19 years countering the climate activists’ emotional ‘crisis’ appeals which are based on ideology. Now that energy prices are skyrocketing and conflicting climate policies are turning your world upside down, people are surging in their support for us. Now they see that what our expert scientists and Professional Engineers foretold is coming true; people are grateful that they can turn to our material to understand these complex issues.

We offer the public a range of detailed technical and cost-benefit reports, plain language blog posts and reports, and plain language video versions and commentaries. We even have a handful of kid-friendly animated videos for parents and grandparents to enjoy with their offspring.

Help save us from climate hysteria!
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And we get lots of viewers! Until Facebook started censoring our CLINTEL statement, we received over 700,000 views for the announcement of CLINTEL’s group of scientists and scholars (then numbering 500 signatories, now CLINTEL’s signatories are over 1,000!) who stated, “There is NO Climate Emergency.” Our “Letter to Greta” video now has almost 600,000 views. Our Steve Goreham presentation “Climate Science and the Myths of Renewable Energy” has almost 500,000 views. If every viewer had just donated a few dollars, we’d be in a much better position to argue the evidence in the public forum.

Sadly, the climate activist emotional pleas are very powerful. We are a small ‘David’ fighting a ‘Big Green Goliath’ that operates on millions of dollars and coordinated campaigns. The big environmental/climate activist groups are typically registered charities which get tax-subsidized support in the billions of dollars, they also get billions of dollars in funding, grants, and consulting fees from all levels of government annually. Effectively, they are part of a self-dealing circle of funding where you, the taxpayer, is cut out of the choice to fund them or not.

Choose to fund our work!

Friends of Science Society advocates for open, civil debate on climate and related energy policies. We urge the public to demand full cost-benefit analysis of the various ‘Green New Deal’ policies proposed, and we often provide a basic cost-benefit analysis for you, so that you can hold proponents of these plans to account. We fight for freedom of speech on climate and energy topics. We expose and denounce media censorship of rational, dissenting views on climate. We challenge media propaganda on ‘Unicorn’ ideas like NetZero by 2030. We present facts and evidence to expose the unrealistic promotion of the array of tax-subsidized projects like wind, solar, EVs and more, which are lucrative for Green Crony Capitalists, and destructive to the poor and middle-class working people who are the salt of the earth.

Friends of Science Society continues to bring you world class scientists, policy experts and insightful commentators for our annual events. Thanks to generous sponsorship for our online events, we now offer them to all of you free of charge. Likewise, our online video archive of expert speakers’ talks goes back to 2004, so you can follow along the history of the climate movement. Our main website is also a repository of climate science and energy policy history. You can see how many times climate prophecy failed!

Help us raise $200,000 by June 30th so that we can continue to press for a world where open, civil debate on climate and energy topics is the norm. Help us press for a world where full cost-benefit analysis is done before life-changing policies are implemented.

As we said above, a small donation from many of you would make this goal possible. Large donation? Even better. Not flush at the moment? No problem. Please share our material and speak up!

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