Friends of Science Society has submitted this report in response for the call for consultations on the Clean Electricity Standard Net Zero 2030 for Canada.


Quote by Hans Rosling. Factfulness.

The Government of Canada proposes drastic changes in Canada’s electricity generation to meet NetZero 2030 targets. The basis for the short time frame and urgent push comes from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Special Report on 1.5 degree warming (IPCC SR1.5), published in 2018.
Indeed, at the time of publication of IPCC SR1.5, various climate activists began claiming that the world only had 12 years left before a climate catastrophe ensued, despite the fact that co-chair of the report and various other scientists and scholars stated that this was not the case and the panel “did not say we have 12 years left to save the world.”

“Glad to clear this up,” James Skea, co-chairman of the report and professor of sustainable energy at Imperial College London, told The Associated Press. The panel “did not say we have 12 years left to save the world.”

AP Fact Check

Consequently, before turning Canada’s electrical power grids upside down, perhaps we should review the differences in findings of the IPCC SR1.5 report of 2018, and the most recent IPCC AR6 Working Group I (Physical Sciences) report of the summer of 2021, which has surprisingly good news.