Foreign-funded Green Trade War Against Canadian Energy

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Hal Roberts, TV News Director/Anchor at Bridge City News, talks with Michelle Stirling, Communications Manager for Friends of Science Society.

Hal Roberts: There is so much happening in our world right now such as the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine. However, as you will hear in this interview there has been another type of conflict taking place that while it may go unnoticed. There is something that affect Canadians almost every day in a variety of ways. Here in Canada, we have heard a lot about green energy and the tactic of blocking new pipelines.

See the full interview here:

For those who would like more information, here are some links to reports and references that Michelle Stirling referred to in the interview, ore or less in sequence.

Deloitte report summary on the Tar Sands Campaign foreign funding.

Natural Resources Canada summary by Robert Lyman, showing the astounding financial benefits of oil, gas and coal to Canada.

Translated read out of an interview in French with Prof. Samuel Furfari predicting an oil price shock by about 2020, due to lack of investment and development of new resources.

Responding to Hal’s question about the price of gas in BC – Trans Mountain Serves Consumers.

Vaclav Smil’s talk to McGill Engineering students: “Energy Revolution? More Like a Crawl!”

Report referred to is “Why Renewable Energy Cannot Replace Fossil Fuels by 2050″

Prof. Michael J. Kelly shows that wind and solar cannot support basic society in terms of Energy Returned on Energy Invested (EROI).

The benefits of oil, natural gas and coal are discussed in our report “Keep Canada in the Black”.

Alberta coal phase-out has severely damaged the ‘Alberta advantage’ and put consumers at risk of ‘heat or eat poverty’. “Dire Consequences” report explains why.

People often think that a ‘renewable’ future is just around the corner – in fact, we are very far from a wind and solar powered future. The sooner we realize this, the better.

A collection of posts and reports on wind and solar costs and complications to the operation of the power grid and disadvantages regarding affordability and reliability, referred to in the interview by Michelle:

Carmangay Solar Project – Good for Carmangay….Terrible for the Rest of Us


The True Cost of Wind and Solar for Alberta

What You Really Need to Know About Renewables (That the Pembina Institute Won’t Tell You)

Regarding foreign funding:

We have an article on municipal governments buying into renewables called “Taxpayer Death by Debt and Taxes.

Donna Kennedy-Glans: Will Albertans end up paying for foreign carbon preening?

One of our members, a Professional Engineer, asked us to post his comments on Net Zero on our blog

This billboard was banned. Climate Activism: Undermining Free Speech, Free Thought & Free Choice


  1. Donald Edwin Little

    we need a new honest Prime Minister in Canada who is very intelligent and will fight for Canada instead of the hopeless joke we have now.

  2. Pete Lafontaine

    Energy Security, Economic Security and terrible foreign backed Liberal Policy is now Canada’s #1 crisis, not CO2. Canada has nearly the best ESG record on the planet because we’ve been doing all along. it was just called something different. Environment, Health and Safety.


    Canadian pensions to be enriched with energy from US taxpayers subsidized wind farming. Pattern Energy is one of the companies that has many renewable energy projects in the US and was bought by a Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board. The Chevelon Butte Wind project managed by sPower owned by AES is installing up to 170 whopping massive sized turbines on 49 land devouring SQUARE MILES at Arizona’s mini Grand Canyon called Chevelon Canyon which is south of Winslow off route 40. These schemes are energy TRANSFER systems, your green $ energy to theirs.

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