Friends of Science Society held its Annual General Meeting on Nov. 30, 2021. Due to pandemic restrictions on public gatherings, the meeting was live streamed to registered members in accordance with notices and instructions sent out prior to the AGM.

We are deeply concerned for our neighbours in British Columbia, facing the catastrophic losses due to flooding on top of the summer’s wildfires. Our condolences to the people of British Columbia. These events show that the most important thing to spend money on is to invest in and upgrade public infrastructure and not throw money at do-nothing climate projects promoted by already tax-subsidized environmental ‘charities’.

One of our blog posts summarized the Deloitte report for the Alberta Inquiry/Allan Inquiry, showing that “Over the period under review, those 31 ENGOs accumulated over $2.5 billion in assets, received $897.5 million in foreign funding and received $2.1 billion in government funding.”

Imagine if portions of that $2.1 billion had been invested in the practical upgrading the Fraser Valley dike infrastructure, or implementing flood or wildfire response programs like FireSmart across BC.

Here is a breakdown of funding and memberships as presented.

As per last year’s AGM, Michelle Stirling, our Communications Manager, offered a short video overview of some of our activities.

Here is the “Climate of Reality: Rough Seas Ahead” power point used in the video if you’d like to review it in detail. There are links to the various reports.

We compiled a ‘Big Book of Blog Posts’ as we have done in previous years.

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Some of our members may not be aware of the scope of material we cover in the blog. This is why we made the ‘Big Book of Blog Posts” of a “Climate of Reality” as a handy overview and catalogue. It features the headline and a snippet of each post of the past year in sequence. There are clickable links under each title and summary to “Continue reading”. We apologize for the somewhat uneven formatting.

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Friends of Science Society stands for open, civil debate on climate and energy policies and full cost benefit analysis of proposed climate plans before implementation.