Calgary’s Climate Emergency Declaration- Virtue Signaling as Energy Crisis Brews

Calgary declared a Climate Emergency on Nov. 15, 2021. This report rebuts the claims of the declaration and calls for a movement to demand some ‘climate reason’.

Mayor Gondek and Council should have rejected the misinformed activists’ call to jump on the “Climate Emergency” bandwagon. The climate emergency is over. We DO have time.

Mayor and Council should have considered the fate of Calgary citizens as they already face an energy crisis that will make the lives of many one of misery and poverty.



While the motion put forward by Mayor Gondek is correct in referencing the impact of cities on climate, and the regional influence of human activity via land use, water diversion, etc., is evident in the work of Dr. Roger Pielke, Sr., and colleagues , Calgary and Alberta have already been actively addressing climate change and environment issues for decades. Former Calgary Mayor Ralph Klein was Alberta’s first Environment Minister. Alberta had the first Environment Ministry. Alberta had the first Climate Change and Environment legislation in North America and the first carbon tax on large emitters in 2003. Prior to this, Alberta had already instituted the Best Available Technology Economically Achievable (BATEA) regulations in the late 1990s. Reclamation is the law in Alberta and has been for decades.

Largely due to the Tar Sands Campaign, these good works were buried by activists, when all of Alberta’s and Calgary’s climate and environmental achievements were the work of dedicated public servants and publicly employed scientists and corporate innovators, not climate activists!

Thus, it is odd to think that, as the Motion supposes, by declaring a Climate Emergency the tone and tenor of climate activism against Calgary, or the desire to invest in Calgary would suddenly change for the positive. Calgary has been ranked for years in the top ten green cities in Canada and this report says: “it’s consistently voted as one of the cleanest cities not only in Canada, but in the world.”

Compare this to the city of Beijing (population 21.4 million) which puts out emissions equivalent to the annual emissions of the entire province of Ontario (See report).


  1. robert


  2. Luigi SOPRANI

    Calgary City Council has nothing better to do than copycat the nonsense from hundred of other like-minded Councils. The BC floods are the real emergency, a tragedy in human lives lost and huge infrastructure and personal damages that have been amplified by the recent fires and the will take years or decades to repair. The “climate emergency” declaration adopted by our City Council is only cheap scaremongering dictated by their colleagues in Ottawa and elsewhere. If and when some real emergencies will hit our City and our Province, our City Council will be out of words to describe them.
    Luigi Soprani

  3. Francesca

    Sondagar for Klimatfornuft – how refreshing, I’m all in!!! If these self professed environmentalist really believed in climate change, they wouldn’t be jetting off to climate conferences in Glasgow in private, gas guzzling jets. If they believed in climate change, none would own a car. They would live in minimal tiny houses and they would be vegan. Even being a vegetarian, would help not only the planet, but the poor animals that are brutally slaughtered for their meat. Time to reign these frauds in.

  4. philredding724642

    Has it suddenly got hot in Calgary?

    • fosadmin

      Council must think so. Maybe it is because of the name of our hockey team – Calgary FLAMES. 🙂

  5. Mona Nottveit

    Kind of like the polar bear emergency that didn’t happen…

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