Friends of Science Society is deeply concerned about the negative impact of climate catastrophe media coverage that is disproportionate to the actual evidence of human influence on climate, and that is often presented without context. (i.e., news reports claiming a flood or wildfire is evidence of imminent climate change disaster; extreme events are simply integral to weather and climate).

We’ve produced a few short, fun videos that parents, guardians and kids might enjoy, offering a springboard to discuss your children’s perspectives (or fears) about climate change, and a way to talk about natural factors that drive climate change.

Note that the scream sound effect at about 2:00 might be a bit scary for children under 10 – just turn the sound down or use the version at 5:45 in this video

We’ve also produced a video to go with the beautiful song created by our Swedish friends. Some people like to listen to it when they feel down about anything in life.

Instead of believing that a dystopian future awaits due to climate change, enjoy this song that offers a beautiful, optimistic message, encouraging people to ‘find out what’s really going on’.

Lead vocal: Ulf Gabrielsson
Music: Ulf Gabrielsson and Carl Johan Thore
Lyrics: Ulf Gabrielsson, Carl Johan Thore and Elsa Widding
Changing your mind is available on Spotify and YouTube
Copyright of the video is shared between Friends of Science Society and Ulf Gabrielsson, Carl Johan Thore and Elsa Widding.