Can You Believe It? Protest vs Green Trade War – Debunking ENGO Tar Sands Climate Catastrophe

Debunking ENGO Climate Catastrophe Claims in Allan Inquiry Responses

Join us – July 29, 2021 at 7pm MDT for this Live Stream


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Join host Michelle Stirling for a live stream that will debunk climate catastrophe claims that are popping up in the ENGO responses to the Allan Inquiry (Alberta Inquiry) into anti-energy activities – AND a walk through our August 2020 rebuttal to Environmental Defence “Not Just a Canadian Phenomenon” ….with our report “Protest vs Green Trade War”.

In the first part of the live stream, we will debunk the climate catastrophe claims about wildfires, heat domes and floods with factual references to show that extreme weather is an integral part of climate.

It is a fact, for instance, that most preventable wildfires are caused by humans.

Regarding the recent ‘heat dome’ see discussion by Prof. Cliff Mass

We will then walk you through our report “Protest vs Green Trade War” which presents the Tar Sands Campaign actors ‘in their own words’ – and let you decide whether you think there was a coordinated campaign or not.

As the Allan Inquiry is said to have noted, these activities do not to appear to have been illegal. You can decide whether or not the Tar Sands Campaign did anything good for the planet or for Alberta.

Please join Michelle Stirling on July 29, 2021 at 7pm MDT as she debunks the ENGO Climate Catastrophe Claims in the Allan Inquiry Responses and then walks you through our report “Protest vs Green Trade War” .

Live chat will be open – of course we encourage open, civil debate.


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    Gotta love environmental mercenaries.

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