On May, 20, 2021, we presented a live stream review of Robert Lyman’s report “Speed Bumps on the Road to Decarbonization”. Robert Lyman’s report provides highlights of JP Morgan’s report “2021 Annual Energy Paper“.

The PowerPoint version of the report is here:

The recorded live stream (without chat) is here:


The recorded live stream (with chat) is here (note there is an error at 11:02 – the US vehicle rate is 875 per 1,000 population, not per capita. This is corrected in the version above.):


Michelle promised to include links to various materials she referenced in the question and answers. The links are listed according to their approximate place on the timeline of the video.

The IEA report was mentioned: “Net Zero by 2050: A Roadmap for the Global Energy Sector

38:39 Donna Laframboise on the IPCC. See Friends of Science Society’s 9th Annual Luncheon with Donna Laframboise: “The UN’s Climate Change Panel: Activist and Untrustworthy“.

41:05 COP (Conference of the Party) meetings have lead to increases in emissions.

41:19 Green Climate Fund – see Robert Lyman’s “Who Cuts? Who Pays? Show Me the Money!

42:17 – Samuel Furfari’s book on the urgent need to provide electrification to Africa (only in French)

43:31 Robert Lyman’s “Saving the Planet on the Backs of the Poor

45:11 -“Global Warning” documentary by Mathew Embry (Sponsored Content – we receive a small portion of the viewing fee)

50:12 Does the JP Morgan assessment of EV prices include subsidies? Please see the JP Morgan report here.

51:29 Referring to the Alberta government’s early climate change and environment plan (2003) and “Hail a Hybrid” program.

52:41 Critique of CTV story on EVs for Alberta.

52:50 Robert Lyman’s three-part report on the Electric Vehicle Fantasy.

53:22 Samuel Furfari on “Hydrogen! I Believed It!

55:50 Hendrik Domanovszsky – “Pushing Hydrogen out of the Laboratory Controlled Environment…

56:37 Samuel Furfari “Hydrogen Strategy to Nowhere

58:17 Financial power of environmental nongovernmental [ENGOs] groups (esp charities) in Canada – a series of 4 reports by Robert Lyman.

59:35 ENGO’s able to use 100% of their funds for non-partisan political lobbying – see “Green Titanic” by Robert Lyman.

61:40 “To Get Wind Power You Need Oil” Vaclav Smil

62:38 Russian Scientist – Habibulov Abdussamatov “The Total Solar Irradiance Controls the Climate”

63:23 The Telegraph article that says Net Zero will make us richer and is ‘tantamount to free energy’

68:27 “Bill C-12 for Net Zero by 2050- Legislating The Impossible Dream” by Robert Lyman

68:52 Cruel and Unusual Punishment

70:46 FreedomTalk

73:46 Friends of Science members receive “Cli-Sci” and “Extracts

75:26 COP 26 – Stop the Global Carbon Tax Law

75:46 Deutsche Bank promotes an eco-dictatorship

We hope these additional links will be useful and informative.