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Earth Day comes and goes every year, so this is a bit of a climate and energy round up, because there’s so much going on.

CLINTEL– the climate intelligence group out of Europe which has over 900 scientists and scholar who state that there is NO climate emergency….CLINTEL is wondering why Greta Thunberg was called to testify to the EU on climate change, and not the golden boy economist of the climate change movement… William Nordhaus.

In this new publication, “Undue Climate Haste” produced for the European Conservatives and Reformists of EU Parliament shows that even if you accept all the climate claims of alarmists, when you use Nordhaus’ evaluations, you find that it is better to do nothing than bankrupt the world.

Remarkably the Nobel Prize (2018) winning climate economist William Nordhaus showed in his Nobel lecture in Stockholm that the ‘economic optimum’ for climate policy is to allow 3.5 degrees Celsius of warming in 2100. Economically, it is better to accept a certain amount of climate damage and to limit the cost of mitigation than the other way round: ambitious goals such as staying below 2 degrees or even 1.5 degrees are extremely costly.

In Greta’s testimony to the US House, she claimed that future generations will hold current leaders like Biden and Trudeau accountable for climate catastrophes which she claims are driven by subsidies to fossil fuels. In fact, Roger Pielke, Jr., and Justin Ritchie have shown that the claimed ‘climate crisis’ stems from the use of outdated science and misuse of a wildly exaggerated, implausible scenario known as RCP 8.5.

Pielke, Jr. notes that there is a kind of unstoppable momentum to outdated science; I did a whole presentation on this topic for FreedomTalk – its on our blog entitled “Will a carbon tax stop climate change?”

Canada’s Minister of Climate Change and Environment, Jonathan Wilkinson, is pushing for immediate action on Bill C-12, meant to put climate targets into law. As shown in a recent live stream power point and our report “Cruel and Unusual Punishment”, Canada’s climate targets will destroy the economy and do nothing for the environment OR climate change.

Meanwhile, Canada’s Heritage Minister and former climate activist with Greenpeace and Equiterre, Steven Guilbeault, has issue a ‘caption this’ tweet for Earth Day, comparing Erin O’Toole in an “I love Canadian oil and gas” with the Minister in a Liberal party tee-shirt that claims “Climate Change is Real.”

If the Minister knew anything about oil and gas, he would know that many of Canada’s great geoscientists have actually held ‘real climate change’ in their hands – by this I mean the drilling cores that carry the story of earth’s climate change, recorded in the rock.

Whose judgement should we accept? A climate activist minister whose past organizations were foreign-funded and some of which had a stated target date to destroy investment in the oil sands?

… or real geoscientists who have touched the truth of climate change, written in the rocks of time?

So, the caption we chose is “Canada is competing in the OILympics, not a walkathon”

Since we are billions in debt due to COVID , maybe it is time the government acknowledged that none of our competitor nations are destroying their economies with crazee climate policies – in fact, they are laughing all the way to the bank.

Minister Guilbeault was one of the first people to call Alberta’s oil sands oil ‘dirty’,sand%20approach%20to%20global%20warming.

He is also wrong about that as shown in Robert Lyman’s new report “Dirty Lies”

And, no surprise the New York Times also came out with a piece trashing the oil sands, citing climate activist ‘experts’ like Catherine Abreu. Ms. Abreu is featured in the Mathew Embry film “Global Warning” – a sponsored content show linked on our YouTube channel. In the film, Dr. Ian Clark, a real scientist, takes Catherine Abreu to his lab at the University of Ottawa and shows her that carbon dioxide has short-term residency in the atmosphere and the threat of climate change is wildly overstated – yet she still continues shilling for her activist group of over 100 environmental groups and unions…many of them tax-subsidized by YOU – Canada. Putting you out of work and our country in debt – spreading falsehoods about the oil sands and climate change and scaring little kids.
Why do we put up with it?

At the climate summit, John Kerry, Biden’s Special Climate Envoy would like to get rid of ALL the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

That would kill every living thing on the planet – just so you know.

In Montreal, a group of scientists and a lawyer are asking the CBC why they will interview American climate scientists and activists, but won’t interview Canadian scientists who hold dissenting views. “What On Earth?” interviewed Dr. Genevieve Guenther – known as “Dr. Vive” on twitter. She is trained as a Renaissance scholar….yet CBC seems to think she is a climate expert. Meanwhile, there are real climate experts “In Your BackYard” CBC – interview those with dissenting voices, too. Letter published with permission of the authors.

This is a good question for everyone to ask of their media outlets – since the government funds CBC for at least $1.4 billion a year, and underwrites most other forms of media in Canada for millions of dollars, it is time that these outlets represent the diverse climate views of rational, dissenting scientists. Rather than the paying public – YOU – being subjected to non-stop propaganda by MotherCorp and others.

And Navius research has come out with a brief entitled “Towards Canada’s Fair Share”.

This ludicrous notion is debunked by Robert Lyman’s earlier report “The Tragic Delusion of Doing our Share”

Few people realize that Western nations are the climate activists in the world – perhaps imbued with hubris, they think they can wrestle various emerging nations to the ground to stop climate change.

But as illustrated by Robert Lyman’s report “When Giants Arise”, western nations combined are nothing in terms of demographic or geopolitical power, and our influence will simply weaken over time. As Robert writes, the combined populations of Europe and North America are only 15% of the world’s total – the population of Asia is 4 times as large.

In closing, let me ask you how you are enjoying Bill McKibben’s vision of a climate friendly world. Here’s how Mathew Nisbet recounted Mckibben’s vision of 1989. …we would end our addiction to fossil fuels, economic growth and consumerism…would rarely travel, experience the world vis the internet, power their communities with solar and wind and divert their wealth to developing countries…and all to set a MORAL example for countries like China to change course.

On that note about wind and solar we’ve got a new report out called “The True Cost of Wind and Solar for Alberta” and also a blog post about virtual power purchase agreements so I invite you to have a look at that .. you’ll be in shock.

Hope that gives you a glimpse of how Earth Day activists are leading us all down the back lane toward carbon serfdom, heat or eat poverty and neofeudalism.

If you don’t like that idea – join Friends of Science Society, donate to our organization, share our materials and demand open, civil debate, freedom of speech and full cost benefit analysis of climate and energy policies.

Don’t be the tax-paying pawns of misinformed climate activists. Push back. Now.

One more thing – on a positive note – watch Marijn Poels’ film “Return to Eden” – free viewing on our YouTube channel – it is the perfect complement for the Earth Day “Restore our Earth” theme – and it is filled with common sense on climate.
For Friends of Science Society, I’m Michelle Stirling.