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Is having kids a climate no-no? A reader of the Winnipeg Free Press contributed his rebuttal to us for publication.

Winnipeg Free Press – RE: Climate crisis gives birth to fear, uncertainty

Environmental concerns put kibosh on romantic notions of parenthood for anxious couples getting used to the notion of growing old without kids

This article in the Winnipeg Free Press (WFP) April 1,2021, just continues the one-sided misinformation subsidized by the federal government. It is a significant hypocrisy at a time when the governments pretend to be concerned with the “truth” and when a newspaper editorials talk about “war on disinformation”.

When is the last time the WFP had an article on the real facts about climate and weather?

The result of misleading articles is that you have confused people such as those interviewed here by the WFP. We have poverty, wars, unemployment, human spread diseases, severe debt, incompetent leaders in Canada, the USA and other locations and yet we have people thinking that weather that has been occurring through the ages is their biggest problem in having children.

Yes, the world is being taken over by big tech, social media, socialists and the media will not print the facts about weather. Temperatures have cycled up and down, we have had wet and dry spells and will continue to do so in spite of what we do.

**But people are thinking about it at a time where our species is facing the existential threat of climate change and news headlines constantly reveal new, often devastating ways that a person’s actions here can have ripple effects around the globe.**

There is no existential threat due to weather. There is nothing new here other than misinformation peddled by the media to instill fear. The biggest threat to humans is human stupidity.

**“It’s pretty hard, because you really imagine your child in the future and the future doesn’t seem very promising right now,” said Beilfuss, 37.**

Correct for the wrong reasons. We have a federal government that cannot handle honesty, the debt, diseases, and they think they can control the weather around the world. Obviously there is no science in their actions.

**Research published in the academic journal Climatic Change last year showed that of surveyed Americans between the age of 27 and 45, 96.5 per cent of people are either very or extremely worried about “existing, expected, or hypothetical children in a climate-changed world.” **

That is not a study. Climate has ranked low on the list of priorities in legitimate surveys.

**It is undeniable that children born today will grow up in a different world.**

Yes, a very corrupt world. Look at the politics.

**Evidence-based projections show that even if warming is successfully limited to 2 C (the planet is currently on track for something closer to 4 C of warming), 13 per cent of the world will have transformed from one ecosystem into something else. It’s estimated that by 2050 there will be an additional 143 million displaced people from Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa, and Southeast Asia alone. The Arctic is expected to warm by 6 C. **

FALSE. There are NO evidence based projections. It is still GIGO. You get out of a model what you put in. When you make BAD assumptions, you get BAD forecasts. People should be prepared for cooling which is more likely that the exaggerated “projections” of 4 to 6 degrees of warming. The displacement fiction has been going on for years. Just check Tuvalu. It was supposed to be under water by now but overall 74 percent of islands in the group – a total of 73 – are larger now than 40 years ago.

**A study in 2017 suggested not having children is the single greatest thing someone can do to lower their carbon emissions. That is a consideration for Levin, but it is fear for the hypothetical child’s future that wins out. **

Another useless study since NOBODY has MEASURED any temperature change due to emissions.

**”Now that we live in a global world, it doesn’t matter where you live. Climate change will impact your life,” he said. **

The correct word is WEATHER may impact your life.

**Kendall, however, is filled with certainty that the future will be bleak.**

He is correct for the wrong reasons. If we re-elect Trudeau we will be driven into bankruptcy.

Kendall should be demanding an accounting of the real data on weather and climate. It would show him there is nothing new. Here are a few sites to start with. He would see we are quite blessed now in comparison:

Friends of Science Society comment: It should be noted that the Winnipeg Free Press reporter is funded by the federal government. Shouldn’t taxpayer funded media fairly represent diverse views on climate and energy policies?

Sarah Lawrynuik

Sarah Lawrynuik reports on climate change for the Winnipeg Free Press. Funding for the Free Press climate change reporter comes from the Government of Canada through the Local Journalism Initiative.

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