It’s The Sun, Not Us

It’s The Sun, Not Us – How Global Warbling and Green Ideology have Hijacked Science by L.D. den Boer

Earth’s climate is changing—it always has and always will. The cause may be debated, but “man-made global warming” has become the accepted narrative and “Big Oil” the popular villain. Anyone daring to challenge this “consensus” is attacked: smeared, demonized as a “denier,” even threatened. Researchers who refuse to toe the line are discredited, dismissed as incompetent, and blacklisted, regardless of their expertise, experience, or credentials. This is not how science is conducted.

But not everyone can be silenced. The author of this book is not incompetent. Nor was he paid to write it. He’s just someone who cares about the truth: a scientist, with a broad understanding of how Earth’s climate works and how it has changed over time.

His book is divided into two parts: science and ideology. The first part explains (in language laypersons can understand) how the Sun, cosmic rays, and other natural factors control Earth’s climate, and why carbon dioxide is virtually irrelevant. The second part exposes and refutes the green ideology of “man-made global warming,” revealing the economic damage it causes. It may be short, but it’s well researched, packed with information, and an enjoyable, rewarding read.

As a geoscientist and professional geophysicist, Mr. den Boer is deeply concerned by the propaganda of green ideology: by how it has corrupted science, by how many people it has deceived, by the political agenda of the unelected body driving it, and how this agenda threatens the global economy, even democracy itself. These concerns led him to write this book, to warn people how and why they are being manipulated.

Mr. den Boer lives in Calgary, Alberta, with his family. His cat loves the Sun


  1. Gail Bell

    Dear Mr. den Boer,

    First I would like to tell you that I live in a small town Rockyford Alberta where I know a few people with the same last name you have. Any relation to you?I love reading Friends of Science and just read your article It’s the sun not us. My question is how are we going to turn this man made climate CO2 thing around. There is so much cancel culture out there it is difficult to get people to even have a sensible and civil discussion. I have never believed that Man has created this climate crisis as it has now been portrayed. Anyone that does any research can see it has been happening for thousands of years. God help us I am losing faith in our politicians everyday as they slide down this slippery slope. Thankyou for standing up and telling the truth. Please continue the good fight.

    Yours Truly
    Gail Bell

  2. Lennert D den Boer

    Dear Gail,

    Thank you for your comment and support. Your question is key and cuts to the very core of the issue. I will try to answer it as briefly and best I can. However, I can only offer you my opinion.

    We live in a country and continent that are barely recognizable compared to a decade ago. We are now so bombarded with propaganda and one-sided (or fake) “news” that truth has never been harder to find or hear. People who listen only to mainstream media are being (and have become) indoctrinated.

    At the end of my book, I include a link to a short (less than 7 minutes) but fascinating interview with KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov, an expert on ideological subversion:

    In this interview, Bezmenov explains not only how indoctrination is achieved (through ideological subversion), but it’s frightening effects. Essentially, once someone has been indoctrinated, it is exceedingly difficult to break through the barrier of their delusional beliefs, so that they begin to question or doubt them. Only once they are confronted with incontrovertible physical proof that directly impacts them (or their loved ones) does their delusional fog begin to clear. Bezmenov refers to this reality-check as a swift kick up the back-side.

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who have been taken in by global warming propaganda. However, there are also a lot more (a silent majority, I think) who see it is either phony or overblown. Moreover, I think this silent majority is growing. Thus, in my view, there are two main ways in which man-made climate change propaganda will be reversed:

    1. popular opinion

    As social animals, we humans feel constrained by social norms. So, we tend to be conformists by nature. Unfortunately, this need to conform causes many people to simply accept as true whatever they perceive the majority of their fellows believe. The corollary to this is that if a sufficiently large number of people openly state their disbelief in man-made global warming, the sheep will follow.

    2. global cooling

    Scientific reasoning and evidence show that the Sun is the main driver of Earth’s climate. As I explain in my book, there is ample evidence that the Sun is about to begin a long nap (for the rest of this century). When people realize that instead of global warming, the exact opposite is occurring, and when this realization affects them personally, I predict there will be a major shift in popular perception.

    We can all help reverse indoctrination by stating plainly and openly, every chance we get, that global warming is bunk. Mother Nature will do the rest. Spread the word.

    Best Regards,
    Lennert den Boer.

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