Carmangay Solar Project – Good for Carmangay….Terrible for the Rest of Us

What did Global News not report about the Carmangay solar project? The Carmangay Solar Project makes no sense financially or environmentally. The December 8 press release states that the Village of Carmangay “has taken a major step forward in progressing as an environmentally and financially sustainable municipality.” But as we have seen, financially, the solar plant produces electricity that is much more expensive than electricity produced by efficient gas-fired power plants and is only viable because of grants, subsidies, and other forms of taxpayer and ratepayer support. Environmentally, the benefit of Carmangay achieving an electrically net zero status is far outweighed by the cost, and is not in any way sustainable. So, while the project may appear to be environmentally and financially sustainable for the village, it is not sustainable for Albertans collectively.