Friends of Science Society held its Annual General Meeting on Dec. 10, 2020. Due to pandemic restrictions on public gatherings, the minimum number of individuals were in attendance in accordance with public health and Society’s Act requirements, along with live streaming via YouTube for interested members.

Here is a breakdown of funding and memberships as presented.

Normally at our AGM, Michelle Stirling, our Communications Manager, offers an in-person review of the year’s highlights. Due to the restrictions, a video was made instead, and covers ~18 months, due to the delay in the AGM caused by previous pandemic restrictions on such events.

Here is the “Climate of Oppression” power point used in the video if you’d like to review it in detail.

As in previous years, we compiled a ‘big book of blog posts’. Friends of Science Society’s blog is very popular with subscribers. Some of our members may not be aware of the scope of material we cover in the blog, so we made this Climate of Oppression report as a handy overview and catalogue. It features the headline and a snippet – there are clickable links under each title and summary to “Continue reading”. The Table of Contents at the front is clickable and we included an Index at the back of the document.

Our YouTube channel now has over 43000 subscribers!

Check it out at:

We joined Instagram this year!

Thanks to all of our member/subscribers/supporters and to those of you who stand for open, civil debate on climate and energy policies.