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What on earth is going on with Canadian aviation?

Since the unscientific, totalitarian CCP styled lockdown was launched upon western countries in March, there has been an extremely severe global aviation crisis, unarguably the worst in its history, by far. With operations forcibly reduced by 85%, and the resulting decline in CO2 emissions, climate cultists are having a field day.

They claim the planet is healing, and that we should stay this way.

With global aviation emissions making up an un-whopping 2.5% pre-corona, “green” ideologues claim this is too much, as these carbon-sinning jet-fuel machines known as airplanes cannot ever meet net-zero with present technology. They are not the vehicles of the future, according to the radically dogmatic environmentalists, and Ekranoplanes are, according to the World Economic Forum. Or maybe sailboats.

With no alternative in sight to replace current aircraft engine technologies running on incredibly efficient and energy-dense oil-based fuel, few investors will commit to funding research on improbable outcomes; the possibility of phasing out the current aircraft fleet is close to nil.

If better technology were to exist, in the era of Tesla’s and Elon Musk’s rocket ships, we would already see its development unfolding in the market.

In fact, a perfect example of market-led innovation is the geared turbofan by Pratt and Whitney, currently standard on the C-Series, and on the A320 Neo aircraft. Jet fuel represents approximately 20-30% of airlines cost, therefore there is obviously a strong financial incentive for such energy-efficient improvements in technology, irregardless of the whims of a central planner.

As our current federal government worships at the altar of decarbonization, regardless of how much of this is actually feasible, economically ruinous, financially crippling to its citizens, and misery-inducing, I cannot help but wonder, is the lack of bailout to Canadian airlines, something unique to this land of red tape and overbearing government, a purposeful bludgeon to the industry?

With the USA having provided billions in bailouts, as well as every single other country globally, aviation workers, the hundreds of thousands furloughed in Canada, have been asking, what about us?

The EU likewise, bailing out their industry, albeit with heavy green strings attached, such as carbon emissions reductions, enforced downsizing, and partial state ownership, is steamrolling their way through the U.N. sustainable development goals. They are in the process of sacrificing billions of dollars towards their GDPs, millions of people’s livelihoods and careers, all because of insignificant carbon emissions in an industry which has already become highly fuel-efficient over the decades, improving by leaps and bounds.

However, this apparently not being fast enough, OECD countries have now subscribed to CORSIA, the Carbon Offsetting and Reductions Scheme for International Aviation, a program that our True North Strong and Free is obviously a part of, which is set to become mandatory in 2027.

In this conversation with Robert Lyman, economist and retired public servant with four decades of experience in the energy and transportation sector, as well as environmental policy, his experience and expertise provide some much-sought after fact-based clarity.

We talk economics, emissions and aviation. Robert introduces the CORSIA scheme and its role in carbon offsets, emissions reductions, and how it will affect airlines and it’s employees, as well as your average Canadian traveller.

As the first guest of my new series, The Very Opinionated Show, Robert gets taken on a few tangents with me, and we also explore the bigger picture of:

• Social shaming, snitching, history
• Musings over the downsizing of aviation industry to reduce green house gases using the corona crisis
• Carbon offset scams and the money trail

We discuss the application of these kinds of so-called green policies, and the real effects on people’s lives. Robert shares his wisdom and experience to speak to what is, in my opinion, the irrational, single-minded, destructive policies of current government, the hubris of central planning, and the cost of ideology.


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  1. Graydon Tranquilla

    Last time I checked….the Laws of Physics remain non-negotiable! Neither the Laws of Man nor Moore’s Law can overcome the Laws of Physics…..And flying aircraft and their energy source cannot escape this reality no matter how desperate we become. We likely will never be able to cross our oceans with fuel sources of lower energy density than jet fuels.

    There is a profoundly disturbing ignorance of real science amongst those whose education and careers steered clear of the pure and hard real sciences. And I still suspect something is either missing or terribly incomplete in the realms of Climate science.

    CP Snow’s predictions are coming true now but sadly he was way ahead of his time such that the world has forgotten about him and his famous short book which was based on his famous Cambridge REDE lecture….”The Two Cultures and the Scientific Revolution”. – 1959

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