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Hydrogen is fundamental in industrial chemistry, but the “hydrogen civilization” is a dangerous trap for the whole of Europe.

By Michel Gay.

This is a Google translated version of an article in Contrepoints, with permission of Samuel Furfari. Please see the link above for the original.

«Hydrogen, I believed in it! »Exclaims Prof Furfari in his latest book « The Hydrogen Utopia »Professor Samuel Furfari, is a chemical engineer, who worked 36 years in the field of energy and the environment at the European Commission.

Prof. Samuel Furfari

Hydrogen is, and will remain, fundamental in industrial chemistry. But Furfari understood long ago that the “hydrogen civilization” supported by the elite guru Jeremy Rifkin was getting nowhere and, worse, that it was a dangerous trap for the whole of Europe.

In June 2020, Germany announced a ridiculous “ hydrogen strategy ”. Strangely, the following month the European Commission followed suit by copying Germany, which is leading the dance of the crazy European energy transition with its “EnergieWende ”.

Could this incredible hydrogen strategy have no other goal than to save the EnergieWende?

A European recovery plan with hundreds of billions of euros is announced. All subsidy hunters are rubbing their hands in front of this jackpot and competing in ingenuity to monopolize for their own benefit this “free” money which will be dear to future generations.

Samuel Furfari is sorry that the European Commission is neglecting the experience of its own officials, as well as 50 years of previous European research, to embark on a path already known to be dead end.

The media, always fond of ecological science fiction, gave a favorable response, and even sometimes enthusiastic, to the European Parliament’s resolution relaunching a stupid ” hydrogen strategy ” on January 20, 2020, while some experts from the European Commission announced of their spite in private.

The word ” fair ” appears 15 times there to better mask its social injustice and the word ” financing ” appears there 47 times to better signify its cost … behind the scenes.

Samuel Furfari explains why this hydrogen strategy is “rubbish” through ignorance of chemistry. And he knows it all the better since he also believed for a moment in the hydrogen “energy” illusion before realizing that it was a dead end.

He explains in 160 pages in ” The Hydrogen Illusion” / L’utopie hydrogène” why all dreams about hydrogen (and about biofuels) are doomed to failure because they are based on a political ideology ignoring science. Yet some high-ranking politicians like the German Angela Merkel (physicist) have been scientists.

But the power of politics (which for some consists in making people dream and enchant by lying) prevails over science …

The author shows, page after page, based on the failures of past experiences for at least 40 years, that the use of hydrogen to store electricity , or to produce it , or as fuel in transport is total ineptitude.

He is also astonished that the decision-makers of such ridiculous “strategies” are not alerted by their respective administrations .

Samuel Furfari wonders if this collective illusion is not an error assumed by certain cynical politicians to cover up another previous error: that of the forced development of intermittent renewable energies , pushed by Germany,… to favor gas !

And this ruinous strategic error for current and future European populations is all the easier to commit and to “assume” as those responsible for this mismanagement will no longer be in charge when it becomes manifest for all!

This is why the first chapter of his book intended to dismantle the hydrogen illusion is entitled “ I believed it! ”And that the last one ends with“ The race to nowhere ”.