A Two-Part Critical Review of “Bridge to the Future” Task Force for a Resilient Recovery

Part 1 – Geopolitical context

Part 2 – Critical Review of 5 Bold Moves


“The most effective way to reduce emissions from industry in Canada, after all, is to induce industry to move out of Canada.”
– Robert Lyman
Ottawa energy policy consultant

What can Canada’s future be? Penury or Prosperity? Well-funded, well-connected environmental/climate activist groups, tax-free foundations, and green crony capitalists are advocating for policies that will destroy our economy. Challenging or dissenting voices are dismissed, silenced, or prorogued. Will Canada suffer the same ‘industrial massacre’ as the EU suffered, an exodus of industry to countries like China and India where low labour costs and a lack of environmental regulation offered ‘greener’ financial pastures and many fewer headaches for industry.

In India and China there is no Extinction Rebellion turning up at the door to spray red paint. No Greenpeace activists rappelling down your building to unfurl a big sign, mocking and deriding your business for employing thousands of people in well paying jobs. No Greenpeace threatening you with jail for your alleged ‘climate crimes’. No 10-year-old children threatening to go on a hunger strike if your resource project meets approval. No pipeline Blockadia. No aboriginal protests with tiny houses, booby traps, guns and burning pallets on railway rights-of-way. No Ecojustice in court against you for the umpteenth time, funded by foreign sources, anxious to ‘keep it in the ground’ after they have flown in to appear in court. No West Coast Environmental Law showing up at your AGM to threaten you and your shareholders with legal risks, after your company had followed the prescribed regulations and gained legal approval.

For many corporations, it must be blissful to leave Canada and leave all this behind. And they will go and take their emissions with them.

But millions of other business people, professionals, and entrepreneurs want to press on, want to live in Canada, want to thrive here, and want to understand how things got so broken that now they are being cowed into silence and coerced into a ‘climate’ COVID recovery, complete with a proposed Universal Basic Income, instead of a rational return to normalcy, where most people earn their living with dignity and respect, happy to do a hard day’s work for fair pay.

This report takes a critical look at the Climate-COVID recovery proposals by some of the big green activist groups and finds that little due diligence has been done on any of them.


This report deconstructs the claim of a climate emergency and finds it to be a front for various transnational corporate and institutional investor interests.

This report shows that Bjorn Lomborg’s view that climate emergency is a FALSE ALARM is true, and that billions of taxpayer dollars have been wasted and are being wasted on hidden subsidies to Big Green cronies with undue influence.
This report does not argue the climate science case as Friends of Science Society might normally do. Instead, we point out that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change long ago stated that it is not possible to predict the long-term state of the climate.

So, it is time that we stopped the charade. The environmental groups crying climate catastrophe at every end and turn, using it to raise money for their causes, to scare the public, to frighten children, to drive off investors, are therefore misrepresenting the facts and violating the principles of the Charities Directorate Policies. They have ceased to provide a net benefit to the public long ago. If the WE Charity scandal shook Canadians, the Conflicts of Interest inherent in these groups, their relationships and their undue influence should enrage every hard-working Canadian taxpayer – more so since their Climate/COVID demands would endanger the future of Canada and turn us into indentured carbon serfs for decades.

There is no climate emergency. Canada can no longer be controlled by foreign-funded green activists operating with tax-subsidized charitable funds and government grants.

Like a powerful tree, the roots of our prosperity are in the natural riches of this nation, let us grow these existing branches of trade and commerce to return to normal and restore our prosperity. Let us go right and not left.

Look at the evidence for yourself. We must quit Paris and Save Canada.

Excerpt of Prof. Samuele Furfari’s classes on energy geopolitics.

Part 2

“Bridge to the Future” with Five Bold Moves or Financial Folly?

On September 16, 2020, the Task Force for Resilient Recovery issued a report entitled “Bridge to the Future” which proposed “5 Bold Moves” to stimulate the economy. The Task Force frames itself as: “The Task Force for a Resilient Recovery is an independent group of Canadian finance, policy and sustainability leaders determined to make sure Canada seizes this opportunity.” One week later, the Speech from the Throne closely echoed the “5 Bold Moves”. No due diligence appeared to have been done in either the report or for the Speech from the Throne. Though the Task Force claims to be ‘independent’, one of the participants is Gerald Butts, who has a new position as a Vice Chairman and strategic advisor to Eurasia group, and whose profile makes it clear that he is an influential person in Canadian politics. He operates in many spheres of commercial interest according to his bio.


The question becomes, how independent is this advice, and who will benefit? Why is there no due diligence on the cost-benefit or effectiveness of the proposals, which now appear to have been abruptly adopted as federal policy?