Marijn Poels “Return To Eden” to Showcase Sept. 17th, 2020

Final piece “Return To Eden” by Marijn Poels being released on September 17th

It’s all about coming home

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Independent and multiple award-winning documentary maker Marijn Poels presents his latest documentary “Return to Eden”. This is the last part of his planned controversial trilogy. September 17th the film will be broadcast via the You Tube channel Friends of Science for free.

Poels will also screen his film in the European Parliament in Brussels on 30 September.

In 2017, his notorious first part “The Uncertainty Has Settled” appeared. In it, Poels discussed various scientific assumptions about climate change and also visited climate critics. This film left him with hundreds of hate mails and threats from activists. In many places the film was refused and taken out of cinemas under political pressure.

Independent filmmaker Marijn Poels, on location during filming of “Return to Eden”

That’s why he decided to produce his second part “Paradogma” where he investigated the toxic state of the current public debate and made themes such as polarisation, conformism and intolerance visible.

In the third part “Return to Eden”, Poels returns to climate change and agriculture.

In more than 100 minutes he asks the question to what extent we humans are part of nature and where the boundaries lie in the urge to regulate climate, nature and our food supply. Is climate change really a problem or just a distraction from the real problem?

In order to find out, he travels through Europe, Africa and America and visits inspiring experts in search for understanding, solutions, and hope. Far away from collective climate hysteria, fear and chaos, there is hope, inspiration and solutions. Across political colours. Averse to framing. Full of deep wisdom from people who approach solutions ecologically.

Marijn Poels on location during production of “Return to Eden”

Where the globalised farmer is strangled between government subsidies, banks and buyers and sucked into the core of the problem, the independent entrepreneur grows his local food in an inspiring way, in the middle of the desert. And that may well offer more solutions than just for our food. A healthy, living soil consumes large quantities of CO2. But can it even go a step further? Can healthy soil calm the climate and even prevent hurricanes?

“The boundary between regulating and manipulating is razor-thin,” says Poels. “As citizens, we have to guard these lines very critically. Especially in agriculture. Sustainability and CO2, in particular, can indefinitely be misused as tools to push global political agendas. Centralization of power, agriculture and our food is ripping us further apart from our biological and natural balance. Common sense can be quickly confused with spreadsheets and technology. Chaos can grow very well on those. The technological revolution is an exciting direction which is not essentially wrong. But to what extent does our technology now support life? “

Today’s technologies can imperceptibly swallow culture, agriculture, identity and turn our daily system into chaos. Creativity, freedom, innovation, and fundamental biological connections are at great risk.

“We are the only species on earth rapidly separating themselves from their biological origins. Is that clever and where is the boundary?”

That is what Poels is trying to discover in a thought-provoking story which will be online after September 17th.

Marijn Poels is an independent filmmaker. You can support his work:

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  1. Dr Francis Manns

    Watching Smithsonian last night until the presenter said sea level is rising faster than ever because of carbon dioxide. Then I turned it off. I guess he gets his ‘science’ from the Washington Post. If you do the simplest math, 120m / 10,000 years is 12 mm a year.

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