On July 18, 2020, Michelle Stirling, Communications Manager for Friends of Science Society, gave a presentation entitled “The Last Time I Saw Paris” at the FreedomTalk Conference in Calgary, Alberta. This is a geopolitical look at the many forces cashing in on climate change rhetoric.

Here is the video of her presentation:

The Last Time I Saw Paris – Are we obliged to meet targets?
Excerpt of https://blog.friendsofscience.org/2020/07/06/litigating-climate-change-in-canada-evidence-over-ideology/

Here is the power point. Speaking notes can be seen by hovering over the bubble upper left frame.

In the video and power point, Michelle refers to La Francophonie and its global influence. Someone posted a link to this video in the comments; a very interesting insight into how France still enslaves Africa.

EXCLUSIVE: Former AU Ambassador To The U.S. On Her Dismissal, France’s Ongoing Influence In Africa