Elizabeth May sent out an email to her supporters and Green Party members on June, 17, 2020, claiming that “Canada can have 100% of our electricity from renewable sources by 2030.”

So it is timely that we are reissuing Robert Lyman’s popular 2016 report “Why Renewable Energy Cannot Replace Fossil Fuels by 2050″, with some recent footnoted insights and references to several recent reports on renewables by Robert Lyman referred to at the end of the report. Robert Lyman’s bio can be read here.


Also referenced at the end of report is a paper by Kent Zehr, entitled: “False Assumptions: A Critique of Keller et al (2019) on BC Vehicle Electrification“.

Keller et al have reported that the complete electrification of road transportation in British Columbia is possible and that incorporating a requirement that the additional electricity supply required be 93% renewable in nature is also possible and increases the perceived benefits. While their logic is impeccable, it is founded on naive, simplistic, or just false assumptions. Consideration of the corrected or realistic assumptions invalidates all the conclusions of the paper. The faulty premises underlying Keller et al will have serious socio-economic consequences for the people of British Columbia if no further critical assessment of their proposals is undertaken by policymakers.