Greta. Listen to the science – without preconceptions.

Contributed by Evert Andersson © 2020


Only one nation has made the Paris agreement into law – Sweden. There is a wide spread demand from the alarmists to use the recovery after the COVID-19 crisis to change the society to be more green and resilient. From the Swedish government, without opposition. From the European Union there is talk of a Green New Deal.

This seems to be on the agenda also in Canada. Sweden and Canada has many similarities. The land is sparsely populated, which means transportation is important. We are on the same latitude and therefore similar need of energy. And ambitious in climate politics.
We also both suffer from the Greta Thunberg effect. She visited Canada and did her best to impact the election in an unlawful way. Her criticism has been debunked by you.

The Swedish Parliament follows up its Climate Law with a “Comprehensive climate policy – a climate policy action plan”.

This law decided on June 10th has 132 different action plans to meet the Paris agreement and save us from CAGW. The law stipulates that the climate issue must come on top in all other decisions taken by the Government and all government and regional agencies. This plan has to be updated every new term which ever party is governing the country. Every fourth year that is, after election.

The motivation in the governments bill to the parliament is the complete set of lies that Antonio Guterres had in his opening speech in Madrid. That is how terrible this is.

It is fair to say that Greta Thunberg on her North America missionary tour pushed for action in line with this.

The most likely effect of such laws is less on climate, but negative for economic growth and recovery after the crisis. Let us hope that the crisis helps to open eyes and allow an open debate based of real science.

Greta Thunberg calls for listening to the science. That’s a good idea if we really do that without preconceptions.

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  1. Dr Roger Higgs

    Here’s ‘Man-Made Global Warming’ demolished in 500 words, by a geologist, not a movie star, or royalty, or a politician, or a media reporter, or a Swedish girl, or a self-interested ‘climate scientist’ with a career to protect, etc., etc., …

    The climate truth is laughably simple …

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