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We are truly living through an unprecedented, interesting time period. Never in the history of mankind have so many nations purposely been forced to shut down all sectors of their economies simultaneously. The daily reports of strife in all sectors are saddening.

I have always believed in the resiliency of businesses in difficult times but every sector is being forced to beg for bailouts. These bailouts will balloon our national debt and will impact our children and grandchildren with record indebtedness, future tax increases and lower economic productivity.

As well, Canada’s Federal Government, likely guided by the new “climate change” fixated governor of the Bank of Canada, now requires that “companies must disclose their climate action plans and sustainability goals in order to qualify” for financial aid. Setting “climate change” as a priority over helping companies maintain payroll is a new virtue signalling low.

It is very frustrating to see this is not simply a Canadian mindset but it is global as the “world’s richest nations must ensure their COVID-19 recovery plans are sustainable and help meet the goals of the Paris climate accord”.

Friends of Science Society is also experiencing the pain of the economic crash. We find ourselves in a funding crisis:

our operational funds will run out in September
if we do not receive significant cash infusions.

As I mentioned in my August 2019 post, we survive on ~C$150,000 per year and we provide you with the critical review of ideological climate and energy policy claims. Please note that we do not qualify for any of the bailout packages “available” for non-profit organizations.

As of today we get more than 50,000 individual annual visitors to this blog. You are not an insignificant group. If all of you would send us $10 each year, we would never have to worry about funding. We would then be able to focus on providing you with the information you have come to expect and we would increase our number of posts and reports.

In Canada, we have political “leaders”, Elizabeth May of the Green Party and Yves-Francois Blanchet of the Bloc Quebecois, declaring that “oil is dead” and that “putting more money into” the oil industry “is a very bad idea”. These groups and others support the notion that the pandemic is an “opportunity” to destroy the petroleum industry that has been the economic engine of Canada for decades.

For those of you that are already saying “not another pro-petroleum article”, I stop you. Look around, what industry is spared from this rhetoric?

If you listen closely, the “new normal” means no more shopping centers, no more beef, no more flying, no more socializing at restaurants or bars, no more sporting events, no more tourism, no more anything in the “new normal”. We are being told the pandemic is a chance for humanity to examine what is essential.

I know what is essential. All jobs are essential. Canada was built by past generations that had the opportunity to pursue their own lives in a country that provided them the space to make something of themselves through hard work. The resource industry has been the historic engine for our great country. Anyone arguing that this country will flourish without extraction of resources is fooling themselves.

The environmental “green new deal” movements have been manipulating western economies for decades to support renewable energies which supposedly would save us from the false narrative that human made CO2 is killing the planet. The truth about wind, solar and biomass has been recently exposed by Michael Moore’s Planet of the Humans video.

His revelations have exposed the Big Green industrialists that hide the fact that their technologies do not replace hydrocarbons. Some have even hailed the video as pro-hydrocarbons, but do not be fooled. His video blames “over-population” for destroying climate and his proposal to “get ourselves under control” is a not so subliminal hint at depopulation.

I am glad to see the flaws of the Big Green movements being revealed by this video because over the years the mainstream press has been a disgrace and done nothing to expose these issues. Let me point out that we at FoSS have been at the forefront of revealing the flaws in the “renewables replace hydrocarbons” deceits since 2013.

Our reports: Costly Misinformed Diagnosis, The UN’s sneak attack on your pension, Undue Influence Markets Skewed, A Confluence of Carbonbaggers, In the Dark on Renewables, Shocking Reality, and Look Before You Leap are just a few of the times that we shed light on the “renewables are the solution” and “green tax” movements. FoSS wants to continue being your source of evidenced-based, critical review on climate science and policy.

As President of our society, I am asking for your support.

Too many groups want to use the global economic pandemic shutdown as the template for their green new deals. The hubris of these groups that think we can create a thermostat that will modulate climate is dangerous. Their aim to a zero CO2 environment fails to understand the economic connections that intricately bind global economies together.

Constant panic is only a recipe for global economic destruction. This in turn will drive millions into or further into poverty. A zero CO2 solution does not advocate for clean air, water and soil, as those are the true environmental goals we should be globally striving for.

Please help us to continue fighting their end game.

Once we are able to live life as it was meant to be lived, it is imperative that we do not allow climate policies to be implemented that would lock down our economies.

If you enjoy our articles, videos and fact finding please consider supporting us with any direct contribution that you can give and help keep our voice loud and strong.

The Friends of Science Society needs your support more than ever!

Please reach out to your friends and challenge them to match your donations – inspire them to become members – having more members also helps us spread our messaging. We are only able to continue with your generous financial help.

Thank you,

Andrew Bonvicini, P.Geoph.
President, Friends of Science Society

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  1. robert graham

    Already kicked in. I certainly support your ideals, and admire you fighting the ‘forces for evil’ (climate zealots)

    • fosadmin

      Thank you!

  2. Edward Schultz

    I really appreciate the efforts of Friends of Science – in fact, I have come to trust and appreciate your efforts on correcting the misinformation that exists about carbon dioxide. CO2 is a key foundation of life – not the enemy, and certainly not a pollutant, as wrongly obsessed by the carbon tax fraudsters. Please keep up the good work – my donation is on the way !

    • fosadmin

      Thank you very much!

  3. Bruce Wayne

    I really enjoy reading the articles on this website. The main reason is that such information distribution rationalizes forces at play such that a broader portion of the population has opportunity to capitalize on markets.

    I’ll explain:
    Activation energy can be thought of as the magnitude of the potential barrier separating minima of the potential energy surface pertaining to the initial and final thermodynamic state.

    The concept can be applied to any thermodynamic system … including society. The “activation energy” to transition from one form of energy source to another more [cost] efficient one can be thought of as Venture Capital (which frankly should be measured in Joules, not $ … hence the square brackets).

    This venture capital into technologies such as oil sands, fracking, shale-oil, conventional exploration geophysics etc. has opened up a wealth of newly accessible energy which is the food of social progress.

    Compare that with the mass of “venture-capital/activation-energy” that has been sunk into the bottomless pit of renewables technology. These renewable sources of energy are CAPEX heavy and are not subject to increasing costs associated with resource depletion. The outcome of such massive sinking of venture capital is that more than sufficient activation energy was injected and cost will only go in one direction.

    oops! … Why am I tellin’ you this? Partly because I don’t expect this post to remain on the website for more than a few seconds but mainly because the longer the segment of population that can read such a post without confirmation bias has to profit from the transition, the better it is will be for society.

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