Comparative Planetology: Establishing the Role of Meteorology in the Science of Climate

Phillip Mulholland and Stephen Wilde have developed an iterative mathematical climate model of the atmosphere of Titan.

“Titan, the giant moon of the planet Saturn, is recognized to have meteorological processes involving liquid methane that are analogous to the water generated atmospheric dynamics of planet Earth. We propose here that the climatic features of Titan by contrast are more akin to those of the planet Venus, and that this structural similarity is a direct result of the slow daily rotation rate of these two terrestrial bodies. We present here a simple mathematical climate model based on meteorological principles, and intended to be a replacement for the standard radiation balance equation used in current studies of planetary climate. “

Philip Mulholland offers a more plain language discussion of the work in this LinkedIn post.

The full scientific paper can be downloaded here:

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  1. rogerthesurf

    ” iterative mathematical climate model of the atmosphere of Titan.”

    Good luck!

    Here, in my city, if you want a reasonable weather forecast for the day, the best agency is to look out the window 🙂



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