Some People Say there is no “Tar Sands Campaign’

Here is a sworn affidavit about it.


  1. undermatrix

    We are pleased to announce publication of this short documentary. This is an investigation on the history of the theory of anthropogenic global warming and the organization of the UN which promotes it since 1988: IPCC. Why do the world’s most reputable climatologists disagree – some for 30 years – with the IPCC reports, most of them opting out? How is politics at the heart of the constitution of the IPCC, including Margaret Thatcher then Al Gore as well as Barak Obama? This documentary in archives, begins in the 1970s and ends in 2020. It attempts to give the most complete historical and scientific vision of this very controversial story of global warming, which has become climate change, and of the institution that campaigns for change. the energy deal on the planet, IPCC. We are french, but a, english translation is coming.

  2. Ron Little

    This sure does blow away the theory of no foreign interference or funding in Canadian business and or politics. Despicable handling of government against the Canadian Energy Sector. There is definitely a take over of our govt coming, as the article is from 2012 and our current govt is obviously following a different agenda than we were given.

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