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belgotopia 36 – a Goggle translated version of the French original, with permission of the author:

Those who do me the honor (and the pleasure) of regularly consulting my Facebook page “belgotopia” can follow the section: “In the mind-blowing series: climate delusions”, which distills in homeopathic doses the litany of appalling consequences of global warming (change-disruption) that await us.

They almost all describe a near or distant random future, and of course almost always written in the conditional…

These come either from the media or from scientific journals, the seriousness of which cannot be doubted decently. And these studies, let’s not forget, are mostly funded by public money, yours and mine.

The first two hundred and fifty were collected in four notes, which I urge you to (re) consult:

But I understand that their consultation can be tedious. Also, I established my little “best of” here, that is a study by fifty cases. I give everyone the pleasure of selecting their own…

  1. The rise in the oceans due to global warming could endow humans with webbed feet and hands.
  2. Inaction on global warming will be catastrophic, and those who do not die will become cannibals.
  3. Global warming is causing a shortage of personnel in brothels .
  4. Following global warming, the oceans could start to boil.
  5. The breeds of short-nosed dogs threatened by global warming.

Here are the next fifty, and I still have a considerable number in reserve, because we are subject to a veritable avalanche of terrifying observations and predictions, in a manifest will of indoctrination of the population! Most are widely distributed, and contribute greatly to the feeling of fear instilled more particularly among children and high school students. And history shows us how manipulable these are.

So, no matter the lies and approximations.

“The joke in most university biology departments for researchers seeking funding is” how can I link my research to global warming? “ Jim Steele – BS – MS – Environmental Biology –

And you too, panic without reservation!

Jo Moreau.

3/4 of humanity is likely to die due to global warming in 2100.ître-de-chaud_113963?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&

Climate change increases the risk of tsunamis.

Global warming will thaw 66 tonnes of mountaineer excrement in Alaska.

Climate change is a scourge for human health.

Global warming is affecting mental health.

Global warming risks releasing radioactive residues.

Global warming will cause the Great Barrier Reef to disappear.

Global warming will be the cause of the decrease in foam on beer.

Global warming will cause an increase in volcanic eruptions in Iceland.

Global warming is a cause of the disappearance of bumblebees.

Global warming is causing an increase in tropical diseases in Europe.

Global warming will release worrying amounts of nitrous oxide (laughing gas)

Global warming is forcing reindeer to eat seaweed.

Global warming is developing feelings of fear, stress and ecological anxiety.

Climate change responsible for shrub diseases in Canada.

Global warming will cause power outages in Los Angeles.

Climate change threatens the cultivation of bananas.

Global warming will affect the taste and quality of food in Australia.

Global warming responsible for catastrophic volcanic eruptions around the world.

Global warming is leading Scotland to an apocalypse in the next 10 years.

Global warming will cause the level of the American Great Lakes to drop.

Global warming will cause the disappearance of 17% of marine animals.

Climate change may cause the end of human civilization in 2050.

Climate change may blind squid, octopus and crabs.

Climate change is accelerating the growth of salmon.

Global warming will soon make Earth uninhabitable for humans.

Global warming is causing mountains to collapse.

Global warming threatens certain species of fish, including cod.

Global warming increases the risk of civil wars.

Global warming is causing heat stress that is detrimental to productivity.

Global warming responsible for the extinction of 50% of animal species by 2080.

Global warming is putting reindeer populations at risk.

By 2100, maximum temperatures could exceed 50 ° C (and even 55 °) in France.

Global warming will bring the great white shark into British waters.

Global warming favors the arrival of new insects in our regions.

Global warming threatens archaeological remains in Greenland.

In 2050 the climate in Paris will be the same as that of Canberra today. -today / ar-AAE98yQ

Climate change could cause a major stock market crash.

Global warming will have disastrous effects on human health.

Global warming has paved the way for the proliferation of wild boars.

Global warming already responsible for deaths and developmental delays in children.

Global warming responsible for the future disappearance of “Joshua trees” in the California desert.

Following global warming, plants migrate to the summits.

Following global warming, the plants descend to the valleys.

Children would be vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

Global warming is making spiders more aggressive.

Following global warming, new plants are appearing in Belgium. appear-en-belgique?id=10299521&

Global warming is causing degradation of human health.

Global warming promotes child marriage.

A plant from the time of the dinosaurs regrows thanks to global warming.

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