Schools Betray Parents’ Trust with Greta-Inspired Climate Scare – Duped by Green Billionaires

Contributed by Michelle Stirling, Communications Manager for Friends of Science Society © 2019

We’ve received a number of emails and calls from parents across Canada, angry and disturbed that schools are actively using Greta Thunberg’s angry UN speech to push their kids into climate activism.

In one instance in Toronto, people report that children as young as 7 years old were shown Greta’s activist speech to the UN along with a doomsday count-down clock on the carbon budget, causing many of the children to cry out “I don’t want to die!’ and coming home terrified.

Greta Video shown to 7 year olds

Carbon clock ticking

One parent reports that the school sees children as ‘agents of change’. It is not clear how causing psychological trauma to youngsters makes them into critical thinking adults who can effect constructive change.

Several parents have written us, extremely angry that the 3% solution has had full access to the school to spread their misinformed and inaccurate climate scare and anti-oil dogma. Here is the 3% brochure with their national school visitation plan.

Cover image of 3% handbook

An Airdrie father is irked by this 3% group’s invasion of schools, fearmongering and denigration of Alberta’s oil sands industry.

Other parents have written and called us and are furious with school handouts on things like ‘wildfire porn’ from activist ENGOs (environmental non-governmental organizations) that accuse humans caused climate change for wildfires, when more than half the wildfires in recent years are caused by human negligence, humans moving into or engaging in the use of sport vehicles like ATVs during dry season (exhaust sparks a fire risk), or actual cases of arson.

Atmospheric scientist Judith Curry has posted several pieces on this topic of scaring children:


In fact, Greta appears to be the front for a carbon offset, social media, social engineering firm of green billionaires at “We Don’t Have Time” , exploiting our youth and our pocketbooks.

Cory Morningstar has written a book on this topic: “The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg”

Morningstar also has a series of blog posts on the topic.

We produced this video on the topic: “I don’t want to die!” Climate Exploitation of Children


  1. Andrew Roman

    Greta has become a brand, presented by those who created the brand. In effect, she is being used as a child soldier by adult warriors hiding behind her, knowing that most adults will not attack a child.

  2. Duane Pendergast

    Thanks FOS, for bringing some balance to the climate change narrative.

  3. Leo Regehr

    You need to get on with naming the billionaires.

  4. J Healy

    I have never relied on Greta, Al Gore, or the many questionable sites that offer their twist to this very important issue. I make a point of accessing information directly from scientific agencies such as NOAA Climate, NASA climate,(USA gov. funded sites) and the many other sites that have dedicated scientist that are active in the study of the environment. It is noteworthy that all of the sites I have studied have similar findings in climate warming, sea level rise, CO2 rise, the melting of sea ice and glaciers, the rise of CO2 in the worlds oceans. They all conclude global warming is happening and is largely the result of the use of fossil fuels by man.

  5. Bob graham

    There’s no question the climate alarmist money has pervaded govt/academic papers. It’s how they get the answers they want, which allows them to stoke fear and control, their true purpose.

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