The Fight for Climate Realism Opens a New Front in Central Canada

Climate Realism Canada is preparing for launch. It has the objective of getting our politicians to implement energy and environment policies based on a sound assessment of their costs and a comprehension of the complexities of climate science.

Climate Realism Canada will concentrate on communicating the effects that climate alarmism will have on the lifestyles of Canadian families, if the alarmist narrative continues on its current trajectory. Climate Realism Canada will be working closely with Friends of Science as well as the growing number of Realist organizations in Europe. See their network here.

If you wish to support this non-partisan group in efforts to better inform public discourse please send an email to:

Climate Realism Canada held a seminar in Montreal and Toronto in October 2019 where noted Realists presented facts about climate change and energy policy. The videos from the sessions are below.

History & paleogeology does not support the climate scare – Dr. Jay Lehr

Getting Real about Canadian Climate Policy – Robert Lyman

Believe the Evidence Not the Spin – James Taylor

Renewables: “Are They a Complete Solution?” – Tom Harris

Climate Realism and the Benefits of CO2 – Dr. Patrick Moore

Question: Are you optimistic that climate realists will prevail?

Question: What is the end game of the climate scare?

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  1. andy wells

    Great stuff.Keep it coming.

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