FreedomTalk 2019 Conference in Red Deer, Alberta, addressed the issue of “Meeting the Unity Challenge – An Agenda for Canada” The conference was very well attended with over 320 registrants. The list of speakers included people from across Canada, providing insights and opinions on confederation, Alberta’s WEXIT movement, and Canada’s economy.

Our Communications Manager, Michelle Stirling, gave a presentation based on the work of Robert Lyman and highlights from his four reports on the economic, political and lobbying power of Canada’s ‘green’ environmental nongovernmental organizations (ENGOs), most of which are federally registered charities, and many of which have been implicated in the Tar Sands Campaign.

Michelle sees this as a Green Trade War against Canada, and alluded to The Art of War, in which Sun Tzu wrote:

To fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence is breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting. Based on the research I will present, in my opinion, Canada’s resistance is being broken in the cruelest way – through the use and abuse of our good will and charitable hearts. A pivotal point is…the Tar Sands Campaign.

To read all of the reports referred to in the presentation, go to this link.

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