Canadians Bamboozled by ‘Meaningless’ Climate Models

Sept. 19, 2019

Canadians Bamboozled by ‘Meaningless’ Climate Models

(CALGARY) Blacklock’s Reporter tweeted a report on Sept. 16, 2019 that Environment Canada ‘omits 100 years of records and uses simulated, not actual data to come up with frightening climate change graphs,’ referring to the new collaboration site. Sheila Gunn Reid of The Rebel Media did her own damning investigation as a follow-on to Blacklock’s report, showing that the hottest and coldest temperature data in Canada has been deleted from the new ‘modelled’ (simulated) representations.

Models Completely Meaningless – Japanese Scientist

On a global scale, climate models were denounced as inaccurate in a new book released this week on Kindle in Confessions of a climate scientist: The global warming hypothesis is an unproven hypothesis (Japanese Edition with English section)” by scientist Mototaka Nakamura.  In the ebook, he states: “… changes and variations in climate predicted by those models are completely meaningless even if they were tuned to reproduce the current climate very accurately. By the way, none of the climate simulation models used for predictions can reproduce the current climate accurately despite the heavy tuning and engineering efforts by climate researchers. The models are tuned to produce the “best compromise” and used for various experiments.” 

Unfortunately, Canadian greenhouse gas reduction targets to meet the mythical 1.5°Celsius temperature and related climate policies are all based on these ‘completely meaningless’ models.

Critical Election Incident Public Protocol

Ironically, Canada’s Green Party platform, released the same day as the Blacklock’s report, calls to “Mandate Elections Canada to develop a truth in advertising framework for election campaigns that empowers the Commissioner of Elections to investigate citizens’ complaints related to campaign advertising and impose sanctions if the complaints are found to be justified.”

Statements that there is a climate emergency are based on projections of faulty climate models. Demands that fossil fuels must be phased out to ‘stop global warming’, that carbon taxes must be higher or GHG targets more stringent mean that environmental groups and climate emergency-crazed politicians should be investigated for false and misleading campaigns, fearmongering and abuse of the public trust.

Certainly, based on the Blacklock’s revelations, Canadian media, politicians and foreign-funded environmental nongovernmental organizations (ENGOs) that are trumpeting a climate emergency and demanding a shut down of the existing fossil fuel-based economy likely violate the “Critical Election Incident Public Protocol”, of the recently enacted Digital Charter, outlined by Poynter Institute.

The same may be true for media that are participating in the global “Covering Climate Now”. This exercise in media groupthink is inciting mass public delusion, contrary to the media’s mandate of Freedom of the Press, to report diverse and dissenting views in society and to investigate important issues, as Blacklock’s has done.

Canadian Taxpayers Are Being Fleeced – Policies Turned Upside Down

ENGO ‘charities’ rely on these overheated, inaccurate models as the basis for fund-raising and millions in government ‘climate change’ grants as outlined in Friends of Science series of ‘green charity’ reports.  The Green Party is campaigning on the basis of a climate emergency and demanding a World War II-style managed economy based on climate model misinformation.  Pollsters like Abacus and Environics are having a field day conducting surveys on climate change that are unrelated to reality. ENGOs like Ecojustice are demanding that unattainable greenhouse gas reduction targets be fixed in law; other tax-subsidized charities like David Suzuki Foundation are terrifying children and demanding that 8 to18 year-olds be allowed to vote. Environmental Defence uses these frightening but fake climate forecasts to demand a shut down of the oil sands as part of the Tar Sands Campaign. Canadian law professors are planning to sue oil companies based on faulty climate models. Such climate and energy illiteracy must not be enshrined in law.

“Mickey Mouse” Thinking – GHG Reduction to Stop Climate Change

Mototaka Nakamura points out that there is no reliable global temperature record beyond perhaps the past 50 years, thus temperature targets are elusive, as are claims of global warming.  Likewise, he states that claiming carbon dioxide or greenhouse gas reductions alone will alter climate or temperature is “Mickey Mouse” thinking.  According to Mototaka Nakamura, climate change entails such a complex dynamic interaction between the atmospheric and ocean variabilities alone, that no reliable forecasts can be made using computer models.  He points out that the elusive nature of water vapor, the most influential greenhouse gas, cannot be modelled.  Neither can cloud formations which are highly influential in climate.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Temperature Signal Not Evident

A recent more technical paper by Paul Frank, published Sept. 6, 2019 on the topic of “Propagation of Error and the Reliability of Global Air Temperature Projections” concludes: “At the current level of theory an AGW signal, if any, will never emerge from climate noise no matter how long the observational record because the uncertainty width will necessarily increase much faster than any projected trend in air temperature. Any impact from GHGs will always be lost within the uncertainty interval. Even advanced climate models exhibit poor energy resolution and very large projection uncertainties….The unavoidable conclusion is that a temperature signal from anthropogenic CO2 emissions (if any) cannot have been, nor presently can be, evidenced in climate observables.”

Provinces that are engaged in a court challenge over carbon taxes may be vindicated by these revelations.


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  1. Dr Francis Manns

    Carbon dioxide / water vapour are inseparable and strive to keep the planet at about 14 C. Volcanos cool things off. The age of instrumentation began when the planet was cooled by frequent volcanic eruptions. All the models do is linear regression of all the numbers from a cool period to now. The hiatus may indicate we have reached equilibrium after all that time.

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