The Sun is the main driver of climate change. Not you. Not carbon dioxide.

Tzeporah – Her Freedom of Speech Prevails, Despite Her Lack of Facts


  1. Andrew

    The issue for Canada is whether when a duly elected Canadian government approves a project a small group of protest organizers can effectively overrule that government decision. If they can overrule that decision, then why not other government decisions? Ultimately, what kind of country are we, a democracy or a protestocracy? Who runs this country, Berman or Trudeau?

  2. 45clive

    Beneath most environmentalist hoodies is a globalist in hiding. In truth, “globalism” is a scam perpetrated by the Americans in order to control the people and resources of our planet. Middle East wars? Oil is an important part of the equation. Venezuela? Oil is all of the equation. Canada is not that different from Venezuela from a globalist perspective. The Americans want to keep the world’s oil in the ground, except that which they need for their own use, and a major world user of petroleum is the U.S. military. Canada needs to support Venezuela and Iran, not only for humanitarian reasons but to counter the same globalism that is hurting Albertans. If necessary Alberta needs to become an independent country because that is likely the only way we can have an independent foreign policy, and make no mistake it is a defensive foreign policy that is needed. We won’t get that from Ottawa. Alberta also needs its own intelligence arm, similar to the CIA, to support Alberta’s foreign policy by whatever means is required.

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