Urgent Funding Request to fight the battle.

Climate activists control the media and mislead the public about key climate issues. Help us fight back!

The Emergency:

  • We must raise $150,000 by November to stay in business and continue to provide independent, science based information about the real issues surrounding climate change.
  • Our funding comes from concerned citizens like you. The Friends of Science Society is the only Canadian based organization providing a balanced view on climate facts and policy.  Without funding, we will have to stop our work.

As President of our society I am asking for your support.

We are “David” versus the Climate Activist “Goliath”  

Goliath: the Climate Activists

  • Massive funding sources ($100+ million funding from foundations, government, and endowments).
  • Mislead the public and create a false climate emergency.
  • Exaggerate claims and use faulty studies that ignore natural causes.
  • Coordinate political campaigns to shut down Canada’s energy industry.
  • Lobbying efforts to negatively influence government policies.
  • Use media to block dissenting views.

David: Independent Scientists (including Friends of Science Society)

  • Fight to raise awareness about climate facts.
  • Highlight errors and misconceptions.
  • Promote rational debate and policies.

There are 20,000+ of you registered readers of our blog.  If all of you chipped in what you could we would easily reach our funding goal.  This would allow us to focus on providing you the latest news and reports.

You can help us in 2 ways:

  1. Donate now then please reach out to your friends and challenge them to match your donations.
  2. Or inspire them to become members – having more members helps us spread our messages. Just imagine if 10,000 new members joined and each one donated 100 dollars?

We will only reach our goal with your generous help.

By donating, you help us to maintain free access for you to our popular publications:

  • CliSci – our monthly summary of interesting science research.
  • FoS Extracts – our monthly summary of all climate related news and policies.
  • Our extensive reporting, popular YouTube videos, blog and websites that include over eight years of climate material.

We need to know there will be enough money in our war chest to budget for our ongoing efforts in 2020.

My request to you is to spread the word that you appreciate our work.  We are fighting extremely well-funded organizations.  Several of these Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations (ENGOs) are subsidized by Canadian tax dollars as well as receiving foreign funding.  They destroy our economy by pushing government policies based on faulty science.  Presently these ENGOs are running “matching donor” campaigns and sadly, they have much better developed networks for their fundraising drives.

Our society is a non-profit organization, primarily run by volunteers and dedicated to bring you the latest science based facts.  We are independent and not aligned to any industry or lobbyists.  Over 95% of our funding is from private citizens.  We are a very lean organization but we must retain the few paid consultants who manage our social media, publications, reporting and events.

We know we are making an impact as our publications touch thousands of Canadians.  Scientists and policy experts contribute content and technical support.  Collectively, our 264 YouTube videos have over 1.4 million views.  Our material is presented as the voice of reason on the climate debate and for that we are often attacked.

Now, more than ever, we need your support!

Thank you,

Andrew Bonvicini, P.Geoph.

President, Friends of Science Society


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