We have recently issued a number of related reports on the economic and policy impacts of environmental charities in Canada.

This post will compile the series in one place.

MONEY MATTERS: The ENGO Political Advantage

Link to Report:

Money Matters report format FINAL

Dark Green Money: shows that that not only is there money pouring in from foreign sources, but the federal government themselves  is funding these groups.

Link to report:

Dark-Green-Money-Foundation-Funding-Jan-11-2019 (1)

Big Green Money: shows that the “no” vs “pro” energy advocates are crushing our economy.

Link to report:

Big Green Money NO vs PRO FINAL RevB FEB 12 2019

Green Titanic: shows that with the recent change in Income Tax laws concerning political activity of charities, they will effectively be able to use 100% of their money to be politically active (as opposed to 10% prior to this change).

Link to report:

Green Titanic FINAL RevA April 29 2019

Manufacturing A Climate Crisis:  tracks how West Coast Environmental Law, a tax-subsidized charity, funded by the Tar Sands Campaign partner Oak Foundation, initiated the tanker ban (Bill C-48). They also went to Kinder Morgan’s AGM to threaten them with risks of law suits.  How is this charitable activity?

Link to report:

Manufacturing A Climate Crisis 2A FINAL