Alberta Wide Rally 2016 – Lest We Forget

Photo Credit M Stirling – from balcony at McDougall Centre Calgary

On November 5, 2016, some 9,000 Albertans gathered in 13 communities to peacefully protest the carbon tax and Alberta Climate Plan.  Lest we forget. This was a truly grassroots event. Kudos to the organizers and all who came out.

Video of Calgary, McDougall Centre presentations.

McDougall Center, Calgary


Friends of Science Society was asked to speak at a number of places across Alberta.  Here is an archival copy of the presentations given at different locations. These represent the views of the individual speakers, not necessarily the views of Friends of Science Society. Friends of Science Society has reserved the right to nominally edit the content.

Friends of Science Presentations REV-B Alberta Wide Rally issued 2019



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    “An InconvenientTruth” is false!

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