Ten Reasons for Australia to  Exit Paris Now

by Viv Forbes
18 January 2019

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It is urgent that all Australian politicians understand the dangers in the Paris Climate Agreement. Here are TEN REASONS to EXIT PARIS NOW:

  1. The science is NOT settled – hundreds of scientists in Australia and thousands more throughout the world reject the theory that human production of carbon dioxide is driving dangerous global warming. And the 102 computerised climate models have always predicted more warming than has occurred. (They got it right once, 39 years ago.)

Source: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/06/28/173948/

2. There is no unusual global warming. Since the last ice age ended there have been warm eras hotter than today’s modern warming – the warm peaks are getting lower, not higher. Climate has always changed in response to forces far greater than human activities. The endless procession of man-made scare campaigns about cooling, warming, ice melting, sea levels, ocean acidity, cyclones and droughts have all proved false.

3. Carbon dioxide is NOT a pollutant – it is an invisible natural gas that supplies the whole food chain. More carbon dioxide is beneficial to the biosphere – forests, grasses and crops grow better thus benefitting all animal life that relies on plants.

4. The populous world nations are unlikely to curb their CO2 emissions – China, India, Russia, Brazil, USA, Japan, SE Asia, Indonesia, Africa and the Arab world will ignore Paris limits.

5. Despite 20 years of favourable promotion, subsidies, taxes, targets and propaganda the contribution of the intermittent energy producers (wind and solar) to world energy supplies is trivial – about 3% (see if you can find “solar” in the graph below.)

Source: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2018/09/12/highlights-from-the-2018-bp-statistical-review-of-world-energy/

6. Australian energy policies, taxes and targets are making electricity more costly and less reliable, hurting consumers and driving industry off-shore. And once they have ruined electricity and coal their next targets will be agriculture and motorists.

7. With no nuclear power, no geothermal power, limited hydro potential and increasing barriers to gas exploration, Australia has few options except coal for cheap reliable grid power, and oil products for transport.

8. With a huge continent, a small population and heavy reliance on exports, each Australian will be heavily penalised by the Paris Agreement for the emissions associated with exports consumed by others.

9. Compliance with the Paris Agreement will destroy industries and jobs, encourage bureaucracy and transfer controls and money to affiliates of the United Nations.

10. Should the world experience even modest cooling in the decades ahead Australia will urgently need increased supply of reliable power for homes and industry and the global atmosphere will need more carbon dioxide plant food.

Viv Forbes
Executive Director


This is the first Saltbush Chain Letter entitled Exit Paris Now.

Make sure you pass it on to at least FIVE recipients within 48 hours or the fleas of one thousand camels from the Saltbush country will infect your armpits.


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  1. Richard K Whiley

    There is insufficient space here to list the factual and scientific errors in the above. It claims that there is no scientific consensus on climate change – wrong; that more CO2 in the atmosphere will be beneficial – wrong; that renewable energy is insignificant in total energy generation (try telling that to Britain, where renewables have overtaken fossil fuels, and to Germany, where renewables provide 40% of energy generation). Most of the other points raised above are easily answered with simple reference to the FACTS. Your points are a clear attempt to protect the fossil fuel industries, at a time when the scientific evidence is clear that fossil fuels are (at the least) a major part of the existential problem facing our planet.

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